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Can someone log into iCloud without me knowing?

If someone has my Apple ID and logs into it, will Apple notice me? The short answer is: Yes! Only if someone has your Apple ID and password, access to your device that receives the verification code (if you set up 2FA), and a device that you previously had logged, can they log into your iCloud without your knowing. via

Can I log into someone else's iCloud from my Mac?

Can I contact someone else and use iCloud? | If you have both an Apple ID and a password, yes, but with two-factor authentication enabled, you'll need the Apple device to confirm you want to log into iCloud, which prompts you for the device's passphrase. via

Can my husband see my texts on iCloud?

Yes, possibly. Many certainly try. Remember, iMessage lets you receive text messages from any email address that is registered with your Apple ID. Your spouse's iPhone could very well be one of those devices. via

Will I be notified if someone signs into my iCloud?

Apple has added a new layer of security to iCloud, notifying users when someone logs into using their email address and password. This is similar to emails that Apple sends out when you make purchases on a new device for the first time. via

How do I access my iCloud storage from another device?

  • Open the Files app.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner to open a drop down menu. Select "Edit."
  • Use the slider to enable iCloud Drive in the Files app.
  • You'll now be able to access your iCloud Drive documents and files.
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    Can someone see my Imessages from another device?

    1 Answer. They can only view this information if they are logged into your account on their iDevice. For example, an iPhone, iPad and MacBook all on the same account will receive all messages sent or received from the other machines (barring a lack of network connectivity). via

    What happens if someone uses your Apple ID?

    Answer: A: Yes, if someone knows your Apple ID/Password, they can activate iMessage on a device & send such using your ID. However, every time iMessage is activated on a device, you'll receive a notice, from Apple, informing you of such. via

    Why am I getting my husbands text messages on my iPhone?

    This happens when you both use the same Apple ID for iMessage. To fix this you have two choices: On one of the phones go to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive, tap the ID, sign out, then sign back in with a different ID. Note: you can still share the same ID for purchasing in Settings>iTunes & App Stores; or. via

    Can my husband see my texts?

    A husband or wife's text messages can be be obtained in a few different ways: The lawyer can also send a subpoena for the relevant messages for a certain time period. The lawyer can then ask the court to order a husband or wife to disclose text messages via formal discovery. via

    Can you spy on iMessages?

    With mSpy installed, you can start tracking text messages on iPhone in a snap. Just go into your Control Panel from any device and you'll be able to see their iMessages, including sent texts, received texts, and even pics and videos sent through iMessage. via

    Does Apple notify you of suspicious activity?

    Apple won't call you to tell you about problems with your account. Sometimes you may receive an email if someone attempts to use your account, so hover over the sender's email address to confirm their identity. via

    How can you see someones Imessages on iCloud?

  • At the top of the Settings menu, tap your name to get to your Apple ID menu.
  • Tap "iCloud."
  • Under "Apps using iCloud," scroll down to "Messages" and toggle the switch to the on position, turning it green.
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    Can you tell if someone has access to your iPhone?

    Check which devices are signed in with your Apple ID by going to Settings > [your name]. Sign in to with your Apple ID and review all the personal and security information in your account to see if there is any information that someone else has added. via

    How do I see what's in my iCloud?

    Open Settings>Apple ID>iCloud and you can access the same information on an iPhone or iPad. You will see the same familiar horizontal color-coded storage bar, and the same More.. button where you will be able to identify which applications are using the most storage. via

    How do I retrieve files from iCloud?

    In Settings on, click Restore Files (in the Advanced section). Select each file you want to restore, or select Select All. Click Restore. via

    How do I access iCloud storage on my iPhone?

  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. The bar graph shows your overall storage usage.
  • Tap Manage Storage for more details. Below the graph, you see a list of apps and features and how much iCloud storage they use.
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