Can I Buy Ez Pass At Toll Booth Nj

Can I buy EZ Pass at toll booth? The cost for an E-Z Pass tag is $25.00, cash only. Tag holders then must register them online or by calling 1-800-697-1554. The $25.00 charge for the tag will be credited toward all toll charges at any toll barrier on the Thruway. via

Where can I pick up E-ZPass NJ?

Many official customer service centers provide customers with an E-ZPass in their stores itself. You will find several such service centers across the city. A few of them are Camden E-ZPass Customer Service Center and DRBA E-ZPass Customer Service Center. via

Can I buy E-ZPass at Walmart in NJ?

The state is making E-ZPass easier to sign on to by partnering with a major retailer. Drivers interested in buying the transponders for use on toll roads can now pick one up at Walmart. Sixty-three Walmarts in the state will now offer E-ZPass GoPaks at their customer service counters for $41. via

Does Walgreens sell E-ZPass?

Does Walgreens sell EZ Pass? These include Publix Super Markets, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Amscot Financial, AAA South, Navarro Pharmacies and Sedano's Supermarkets. SunPass transponders are also available at all Florida Turnpike service plazas, Turnpike gas stations and SunPass Service Centers. via

How much is a E-ZPass in NJ?

New Jersey E-ZPass fees can feel like the death of a thousand cuts to a driver's wallet. Jersey drivers pay E-ZPass fees, which total $18 a year, even if they aren't charged a single toll. Add a few long trips to your regular tolls and fees and it may be time to replenish the money in your account sooner than later. via

Can I go through E-ZPass without my transponder NJ?

If you want to pass through an E-ZPass lane without a transponder, you must be ready to face a violation and an expensive fine. If you are going to travel out of the state, you must register on the E-ZPass network. via

What happens if you go through E-ZPass without it in NJ?

If you did not have a valid E-ZPass tag in your vehicle, a Toll Bill will be mailed to you for your convenience. The Toll Bill is sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, typically within 30 days of the transaction. via

How long does it take to get EZ Pass NJ?

It usually takes about a week to receive a transponder(s) once an application is received. You can still drive The Toll Roads and pay with your new account. via

How long does it take to get EZ Pass tag NJ?

You will receive your tags and account profile in 5-7 days. Follow the directions on how to properly mount your E-ZPass tag and begin saving. via

How do I return an Ezpass tag in NJ?

Please do not return your tag to the address printed on the tag. Send your tag(s) to the New Jersey E-ZPass Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 52003, Newark, NJ 07101-8203. When your tag is received in good condition, we will refund your tag deposit, if applicable, plus any unused toll balance, generally within 30 days. via

Can I get an EZ Pass in person?

You can get a tag in person for $25 at any of the E-ZPass On-the-Go locations in the area. You can find the closest retailer by looking up your address with the Thruway Authority's map. via

Is there a toll pass that works in all states?

You only need one pass to cover you on all of Sydney's toll roads and motorways. Generally, passes are only valid for the state they're issued in, so cannot be used interstate. Linkt is the only provider that issues passes valid in all states. via

Where can I buy a Maryland E-ZPass transponder?

Transponders are free, there's no monthly fee for Maryland addresses and sign-up is available 24/7 at Get one and give one: E-ZPass On the Go makes a perfect holiday gift. Pick yours up at participating Giant Food stores and Weis Markets. via

How do I pay tolls in NJ?

To pay online, visit To pay by phone, call 973-368-1425. And to pay Page 3 New Jersey Turnpike Authority Toll-By-Mail FAQ April 2020 by mail, send your check or money order along with the payment coupon or coupons to NJ E-ZPass, P.O. Box 4971, Trenton, NJ 08650. via

How much is toll from NJ to NY with E-ZPass?

Most of the MTA's bridges and tunnels, including the Robert F. Kennedy, Throgs Neck and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, as well as the Hugh Carey and Queens Midtown tunnels, cost $6.12 to use for drivers with a New York-issued E-ZPass tag. For drivers from New Jersey and elsewhere and those paying by mail, the toll is $9.50. via

How much do Tolls cost in NJ?

Vehicles with two axles and single rear wheels, as well as motorcycles, will pay a $15 cash toll, with an E-ZPass discounted price of $12.50 in peak hours and $10.50 in off-peak hours. The cash price is a $1 increase, while the E-ZPass prices are 75-cent increases. via

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