Can I Make A New Mercari Account


Can you make another Mercari account?

Can I have more than one Mercari account? Mercari Terms of Service currently limit accounts to one per person. Customers with more than one account risk having all accounts closed without notice, and they may be temporarily or permanently banned from our marketplace. via

Can I delete my Mercari account and make a new one?

Can I re-register after closing my account? If you have previously deleted your Mercari account but want to come back, all you need to do is log in with your previous credentials. via

Can I make a new Mercari account after being banned?

When suspended indefinitely, you will be able to complete your transaction and request your remaining balance. To get unbanned, you can file an appeal. If Mercari made a mistake, you can get your account back, but if found guilty, you will need to say goodbye to the marketplace. via

How do I delete my Mercari account?

How to delete and restore your account - Mercari: Your Marketplace. To delete your account in the app, just go to your profile > Settings > Edit Account, tap "Delete Account," and fill out the form. via

Does Mercari track your IP address?

We also collect your IP address when you use Mercari. You can turn off location information at any time in the app settings. IP address information is also used to help prevent fraudulent use of our services. via

How many items can I list on Mercari?

Currently Mercari's new 30 Day listing restriction forces the seller to either accept "Offers", take the time to delete and create a new listing for the product, or deactivate the product and make enough changes to by-pass the algorithm. via

Can Mercari keep your money?

How does Mercari protect buyers? We've got you covered. When you buy an item, we hold payment from the seller until you confirm you've received your order and it's as described in the listing. via

What do you need to open Mercari account? (video)

How do you make a Japanese account on Mercari? (video)

Why is Mercari not acceptable?

If your account is flagged for selling Prohibited Items or engaging in Prohibited Conduct it indicates that your account may be in violation of our Terms of Service, pose a danger to yourself or others, or Mercari may have a legal obligation to take action. via

Does Mercari report to the IRS?

Does Mercari report your sales to the IRS? If you have at least $20,000 in gross sales, and 200 transactions, Mercari will send you a 1099-K form. Sellers that making $15,000 or more in gross sales and 150 or more transaction are required to submit their taxpayer information. via

Can you pause your Mercari account?

Vacation mode - Mercari: Your Marketplace. To deactivate your listings, go to My Page. Then tap “Selling.” Tap “Select” in the top right corner of the Selling page. You can select all or the ones you want to deactivate, then tap “Deactivate.” via

How do I get unblocked on Mercari?

On the profile page, tap the three dot icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then tap “Block User” from the pop-up list. If you want to unblock a user, tap the three dot icon again and tap “Unblock User.” via

How do I remove my number from Mercari?

To change your phone number go to Profile > Settings > Notifications then tap on “Change your mobile number”. You'll be asked to verify your new number at the time of the change. via

What does inactive user mean on Mercari?

They are inactive by default to give the chance to get your pics and stuff all sorted before they show to everyone else & sometimes they changed to inactive by LL if the delist them for some reason, in which case you can submit a ticket to find out what the problem is (usually posted in the wrong category is the reason via

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