Do Deer Eat Banana Plants


What eats a banana plant?

The banana weevil (Cosmopolites sordidus) is an invasive insect that infests banana trees, feasting on the trunk and leaves. The weevil hides inside the leaf sheath during daylight hours and does its damage in darkness. The banana weevil is native to southeast Asia but is now found in banana crops around the world. via

Will deer eat bananas?

Deer will eat bananas, but it's better to give them seeds, nuts, and other foods that they naturally eat. Bananas can provide deer with plenty of potassium and fiber, but they don't offer the deer much more than that. Bananas are best used as an occasional treat for your local deer herd. via

Do deer eat red banana plants?

Deer may eat smaller specimen of Musa basjoo or Musella lasiocarpa, two of the readily available banana here. I noticed a deer ravaged banana once on Gabriola Island. The deer had taken the leaf and left the center mid ribs for some reason. This created an odd spikey looking plant, still seemingly quite healthy. via

What fruit trees will deer not eat?

Some other trees, such as date palms and olives are said to be deer-resistant, but they are not really in our wheelhouse of options.

  • Fig.
  • Ginkgo Biloba.
  • Honey Locust.
  • Pawpaw.
  • Persimmons.
  • Sugar Maple.
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    Do banana plants attract bugs?

    Never noticed that when I lived in Texas and grew bananas. I did notice an attraction to them by date beetles, but not roaches. Here they attract rats...have seen them up in the leaves and they will eat ripe ones if not cut. The bananas here draw palmetto bugs, many people think of them as cockroaches. via

    Do banana plants attract mosquitoes?

    Mosquitoes don't bite you for food, since they feed off plant nectar, Conlon explains. Eating bananas will not attract mosquitoes and taking vitamin B-12 will not repel them; these are old wives' tales. Some mosquito species are leg and ankle biters; they cue into the stinky smell of bacteria on your feet. via

    What do deer love to eat the most?

    Food they absolutely love are: pecans, hickory nuts, beechnut acorns, as well as acorns. Fruits such as apples, blueberries, blackberries, and persimmons are also appealing to deer and satisfy their appetites. via

    What should you not feed deer?

    Do not feed hay, corn, kitchen scraps, potatoes, lettuce trimmings or any animal proteins from animals rendered into feed. Deer may actually starve when fed supplemental foods during winter if they have a full belly of indigestible foods. via

    Will deer eat carrots?

    Carrots have proved to be among one of the best vegetables to feed these deer with. Carrots are root vegetables and can be found in a number of colours such as orange, purple, red and yellow. Once in a carrot garden, deer will dig up the carrots and eat them. via

    What flowering plants are deer proof?

    24 Deer-Resistant Plants

  • French Marigold (Tagetes) French marigolds come in an array of bright colors over a long season and are a mainstay of gardeners everywhere.
  • Foxglove.
  • Rosemary.
  • Mint.
  • Crape Myrtle.
  • African Lily.
  • Fountain Grass.
  • Hens and Chicks.
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    Is banana tree deer resistant?

    It tolerates drought and neglect. Even deer leave it alone. You just plant it and forget it. Once established, it can grow an amazing 2 feet per week! via

    Will deer eat loquat tree?

    You can use loquats for attracting wildlife: deer will eat the fruit once fallen to the ground and will graze upon the foliage. A three-gallon loquat tree is usually around three feet tall and is old enough to produce fruit the very first year; depending on the time order it might have fruit on it when you receive it. via

    Does coffee grounds keep deer away?

    Deer have a strong sense of smell, which they use to find accessible food sources. While there is no scientific evidence that coffee grounds will deter deer, the bitter smell of spent coffee grounds may signal to deer that humans are nearby and keep them away from your property. via

    Will Irish Spring soap keep deer away?

    “Use bars of Irish Spring soap for your deer problem and they'll go away,” Mrs. Poweska advised. “Just use a grater and shave the bars of soap into slivers to scatter about your garden, flowerbeds or the stems of the hostas. The deer will no longer approach because the soap has such a strong scent. via

    What is a good homemade deer repellent?

    The most effective natural, homemade deer deterrent is a spray made of putrid smells, namely eggs, garlic, and chili peppers. All you have to do is spray the mixture on your plants, and deer will not go near due to the offensive fragrance that the spray gives off. via

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