How Do I Connect My Canon Mx472 To My Computer


How do I connect my Canon MX472 printer to my computer? (video)

How do I connect my Canon printer to my computer?

  • Connect the printer to your computer using the USB cable and turn it on.
  • Open the Settings app from the Start menu.
  • Click Devices.
  • Click Add a printer or scanner.
  • If Windows detects your printer, click on the name of the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation.
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    How do I connect my Canon printer to my laptop wirelessly?

    Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer-top till the lamp flashes once. Step 2: The lamp next to the WiFi button also flashes blue. After this, go to the access point and press the WPS button within two minutes. As the connection between laptop and printer appears, flashing of Wi-Fi lamps and power will stop. via

    Where is the USB port on Canon MX472?

    The USB port is located on the rear of the machine. via

    Why won't my Canon printer connect to my wifi?

    The Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi issues can occur due to several reasons. To fix the problem, try to update the printer driver. If the issue persists, check for network issues, or as a last resort, try to uninstall and reinstall the printer and drivers. via

    How do I make my Canon mx472 discoverable? (video)

    Can I connect my wireless printer directly to my computer?

  • Step 1: Locate your settings. Once turned on and ready for configuration, you'll need to connect the printer to your home WiFi.
  • Step 2: Link your WiFi network.
  • Step 3: Complete connectivity.
  • Step 4: Locate your printer settings.
  • Step 5: Connect the printer to the computer.
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    How do I connect my Canon printer to my computer via Bluetooth?

  • Register the printer as a Bluetooth device using Bluetooth Devices.
  • Register the printer as a Bluetooth device using Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
  • 1 Click the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar and then select Set up Bluetooth Device.
  • Bluetooth Setup Assistant starts.
  • 2 Click Continue.
  • 3 Select Printer, then click Continue.
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    How do I connect my laptop to my Canon printer via USB?

    First of all, turn off your Canon printer and then insert the one end of the USB cable to your printer's connection panel. Now insert the other end of the USB cable to your laptop's USB port as per the place where the USB ports are located. via

    How do I wirelessly connect my laptop to my printer?

  • Power on the Wi-Fi router and the laptop.
  • Power on the printer.
  • On the printer control panel, go to the wireless setup settings.
  • Select the wireless SSID of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi security password.
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    How do I connect to my printer wirelessly?

    Open Settings and find Printing to add a printer. Once your printer is added, open the app you're printing from and tap the three dots that indicate more options (usually in the upper right corner) to find and select the Print option. via

    How do I connect my Canon printer to my laptop?

  • Make sure that the computer and printer are OFF.
  • Connect the USB cable to the printer.
  • Connect the A-type (flat) end of the USB cable to the USB port on the computer.
  • Turn the computer on and start up Windows.
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    How do I change my Canon printer from USB to wireless?

  • Start up IJ Network Tool. Starting up IJ Network Tool.
  • Select the printer in Printers:.
  • Select Configuration... from the Settings menu.
  • Click the Wireless LAN tab.
  • Change the settings or confirm.
  • Click OK.
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    How do I connect my Canon mg3620 to my computer?

    Press and hold the Wi-Fi Button [A] on the printer until the ON light [B] flashes. Press the Color button [C] and then the Wi-Fi button. Make sure that the Wi-Fi light is flashing and the ON light is lit. To continue the wireless setup, you need to install the drivers and accompanying software on your computer. via

    Why won't my printer connect to the WiFi?

    Make sure the printer is on or that it has power. Connect your printer to your computer or other device. Check the printer's toner and paper, plus the printer queue. In this case, reconnect your device to the network, reconfigure security settings to include printers, and/or install updated drivers. via

    Why won't my printer connect to my computer?

    If the printer is not responding even after you've plugged it in, you can try a few things: Restart the printer and try again. Unplug the printer from an outlet. Check if the printer is properly set up or connected to your computer's system. via

    How do I get my Canon printer to recognize my new router?

  • Make sure printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold Wi-Fi button and release it when Wi-Fi lamp flashes.
  • Press Color button.
  • Press Wi-Fi button once.
  • Press Color button or Black button. The printer enters Easy wireless connect mode.
  • Follow instructions on your smartphone or tablet.
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