How Do I Install The Neat Scanner


How do I connect my Neat scanner to my computer?

Plug the scanner directly into a port in the back of the computer and power it on. Avoid USB hubs or docking stations. Then hold the Windows Key on your keyboard and type 'device manager' in the search box. Select Device Manager from the results to open it. via

How do I get my Neat scanner to work?

  • When you first open NAPS2, you'll need to set up a profile for your Neat scanner by clicking Scan and selecting New Profile.
  • Click the radio button for TWAIN Driver.
  • Select Choose device and select your Neat scanner model.
  • You can choose your settings if desired.
  • You're now ready to scan.
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    How do I reinstall Neat scanner?

    Reinstall/Repair scanner drivers

    Unplug your scanner and close Neat on your computer. Find your scanner in the list below, right-click on the appropriate . MSI file, then choose Repair: Model NM-1000: Neat Mobile Scanner Driver. via

    How do I turn on Neat scanner on my phone?

  • Click Scan.
  • A Neat Scan window will appear.
  • Turn your Neat scanner On.
  • If you have multiple scanners connected, click on the small down arrow next to the scanner name to choose the scanner you want to use.
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    Is the Neat scanner worth it?

    The Neat scanner is a great device for a while, but for the cost of wasted time with it reading whether paper is detected or not, forget it. Tech support is non-existent and you cannot call on the phone. I have had mine almost 2 years. I have scanned maybe 500 pages, but let us say 1000. via

    Can I use my Neat scanner without a subscription?

    No, however you can continue to use your Neat software without a subscription with your Neat hardware, however it is not designed to work with third-party hardware. To use other manufacturer's scanners, you must utilize our Cloud software. via

    What scanners work with Neat?

    The following non-NeatReceipts scanners are compatible with the Neat software: Canon Pixma MP480, Canon Pixma MX310, Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M, Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100M, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300M, Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M and the HP Officejet J6480. via

    What does a Neat scanner do?

    NeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that enables you to scan receipts, business cards and documents all in one batch. The patented technology identifies and extracts the important information and automatically organizes it for you. via

    Where are neat scanners stored?

    Browse to your Neat Data folder, by default located in the Documents folder. Right click on the Neat Data folder and choose Copy. via

    How do I update my neat software?

    Start by pressing the gear icon in the bottom left of the NeatConnect touchscreen in order to access Settings. Swipe the touchscreen upwards until you reach Software Update at the bottom of the Settings list. Press “Software Update” on the touchscreen. The NeatConnect will automatically search for available updates. via

    How do I clean my neat scanner?

  • Locate the two types of cleaning paper that are included in the Welcome Kit: one dry and one wet.
  • Feed the dry cleaning paper into the scanner, just as you would a receipt.
  • In Neat 5.5, click Tools.
  • In the Tools menu, click Scanner Tools.
  • In the Scanner Tools menu, select Clean.
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    Can Neat desk scan photos?

    The simple answer is yes, Neat desk can scan photos. via

    How do I open a Neat file?

  • Login at
  • Click Add.
  • Select Files then, Import.
  • In the Import Your Files box, click Choose Files, then browse to and select the file(s) you want to import.
  • Once you've selected your file(s), then select the Item Type you want your item(s) to be once they are imported.
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    What happened Neat desk?

    Neat Desktop Is Being Discontinued

    Effective immediately, Neat will no longer continue developing feature enhancements, updates, and/or bug fixes for the versions of Neat desktop software listed below: Windows – Neat version 5.7 and all previous versions. Mac – Neat for Mac version 4.5 and all previous versions. via

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