How Do I Shuffle Pandora Stations On Google Home


How do I get Pandora to shuffle my stations?

- How to shuffle on Android:

Go to My Collection. Free and Plus listeners, press and hold the Shuffle stations option at the top of your Station List. Pandora Premium listeners, filter My Collection further by Stations. Then tap the Pencil to the right of Shuffle stations. via

How do I get Google home to shuffle a playlist?

Right now to shuffle a playlist you have to tell the Home to "play ", then to "shuffle", then to "skip" to the next song to get the first random song. via

How do I shuffle only a few stations on Pandora?

On the app, swipe to the left at the "Shuffle" button and a pencil will appear. Click the pencil icon and it will allow you to pick which stations to shuffle. In the Android app, you can hold-tap a station and choose Add Variety to add another band to it. You could also rename it after that. via

How do I play my Pandora playlist on Google home?

Open the Pandora app and start playing the station you want to listen to on Google Home. Open the Google Home app. Pause Pandora. Go back to the Google Home app and click 'Play Music'. via

Why can't I edit my Pandora station?

Go to My Collection. (Pandora Premium account holders may want to filter their collection by Stations for an easier view.) Click on the title of the station you'd like to edit to go to its "backstage page." Click the ellipsis to the right of the play button to reveal an additional menu, and select Edit Station. via

How do you make your own station on Pandora?

Tap the “Create Station” button in the bottom left corner, then type the name of an artist or song in the text field and tap “Enter.” Pandora creates a new station based on your selection. via

How do I play certain songs on Google Home without subscription?

Google Nest lets you stream music from online radio services such as the BBC and Capital FM. Though you can't control what you hear, you can listen to current popular music without paying for it. Just say “Okay Google, play [radio station name].” via

What are the OK Google commands?

The basics

  • Open [app name]. Example: "Open Gmail."
  • Go to [website]. Ex.: "Go to"
  • Call [contact name]. Ex.: "Call Mom."
  • Text or Send text to [contact name].
  • Email or Send email.
  • Show me my last messages.
  • Create a calendar event or Schedule an appointment.
  • Set an alarm for [specific time, or amount of time].
  • via

    How do I get my playlist to play on Google?

    So, if you want to play a particular playlist, use the following voice command: “Play [insert playlist name].” For example, if you want Google Home to play the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, you'd say, “Play Discover Weekly.” via

    What is Pandora's Quick Mix?

    QuickMix allows you to merge very different streams of music. Instead of Pandora's usual four related songs at a time, QuickMix plays one, and then switches to a totally different style. To use QuickMix, click the "QuickMix" button below your list of stations. via

    Why does Pandora play random songs?

    Pandora tries to improve the chances that you will enjoy every song that plays. It does this by using a combination of the detailed information in the Music Genome Project, the station seeds and Thumbs feedback you have given, and feedback given by other listeners under similar conditions. via

    Can you mix two stations on Pandora?

    Unfortunately, there isn't currently an option that allows you to merge two stations together. via

    Why won't Pandora play on Google Home?

    Check to see if there are any updates available for your Google Home and Pandora apps. Update if needed. Restart your Google Home device by unplugging the power source and plugging it back in. Try unlinking and relinking your Pandora account via the Google Home app. via

    Why am I being charged for Google Pandora?

    @PinkLadyDragon If you are seeing an attempted charge for "Google Pandora" on your statement, then that is actually getting processed by Google Play. To further dispute any charges processed by their service, you'll need to contact their support team directly. via

    Why does Pandora turn on everytime I use Google assistant?

    Pandora will start playing in the background after Google assistant is asked to perform a completely different action, like check a timer, or open another program. via

    How do I reset my Pandora station?

  • Your custom stations appear on the left column of the Pandora interface.
  • Clicking "Options" opens a flyout menu.
  • You can create up to 100 personalized Pandora stations.
  • via

    How do I delete an artist from Pandora?

    View the list of 'Artist Seeds' on your station page. Find one of the artists you want to remove, check the box next to it and click 'Remove Checked. ' You may also delete 'Song Seeds,' 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' votes the same way. via

    Why can't I delete songs on Pandora?

    If you're a free listener or a Pandora Plus subscriber, swipe the station to the left and select Delete. If you're a Pandora Premium user, press and hold the station name (i.e., "long press"). Next, tap the highlighted Collected checkmark and select Delete when prompted. via

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