How Do You Cut Wonderboard Lite


What is the best way to cut Wonderboard?

Use a circular saw with a carbide- tipped blade for large cutouts or a drill with a masonry bit for small holes. Save time by pre-cutting all panels then fastening. 1 With scoring tool or utility knife and straight-edge, score through fiberglass mesh on one side. via

Which side of Wonderboard Lite faces out?

Should I install cementitious backerboard (Durock, Wonderboard, etc.) with the rough or the smooth side facing out? A. Backerboard is usually installed rough side out when used under a thin-set mortar for slate or ceramic tile flooring, and smooth side out when it is a base for adhesive-set wall tile. via

What tool do you use to cut cement board?

First, you'll want to choose a scoring tool. A carbide-tipped scoring knife is recommended, but you can also use a utility knife or shears. Never use a high-speed grinder to cut cement board indoors, since this can create a dust hazard. via

What is the easiest way to cut cement board?

Lay your cement board flat, and draw a line with a carpenter's pencil where you intend to cut. Place a straightedge along the line and drag either a drywall utility knife or a scoring tool against it. Repeat your cuts two to three times to make them deeper, which will make snapping the board easier. via

Is Wonderboard easy to cut?

Cutting Wonderboard

Support the entire board before and during cutting to avoid breakage. The scoring knife can be used instead of a saw for a cut that goes across the whole board. Use a straight edge and press hard as you draw the knife along the cut line. via

What side of cement board faces out?

Screw the board in place

Cement board has a smooth side and a rough side. Face the rough side out if you will be using thin-set mortar adhesive to install the tile but the smooth side out if you will be using latex mastic. via

Which is better durock or WonderBoard?

I found that Wonderboard is stiffer than Durock (less floppy) which makes it easier to handle, carrying up stairs, loading etc. It also seemed to have a more consistent cement fill with less voids and less soft and "crumbly" areas than Durock. via

What is WonderBoard Lite used for?

WonderBoard Lite provides a stable, flat and level underlayment that protects your investment in tile or stone. It's moisture-resistant for use in wet areas, and can be installed both indoors or out. Use ¼-inch thick WonderBoard Lite for crack isolation on top of wood subfloors or countertops. via

Is WonderBoard Lite waterproof?

WonderBoard® Lite is not a waterproof barrier. If the area behind the backerboard must be kept dry, use RedGard® Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane or Custom® 9240 Waterproofing and Anti-Fracture Membrane Do not use drywall fiberglass tape for this product. via

Do I need a special blade to cut cement board?

Use a carbide-tipped wood-cutting blade to minimize dust.

Cement is a very hard material, so you'll need to use a blade that can handle the material. Carbide-tipped wood-cutting blades have fewer teeth than other circular saw blades and the carbide can withstand the strain of the cement. via

Can you use a jigsaw to cut cement board?

After several taps, the backer board will fracture along the holes and the circle of backer board will break free. Clean up the jagged edge of the hole with tile nippers or pliers. You can also cut holes using a jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade or a drill fitted with a carbide-grit hole saw. via

Can I cut cement board with an oscillating tool?

Without the right tool you can easily damage the board, your blades and your patience! For this reason, SMART have developed a multi-tool accessory known as the 'Metal Buster' that actually makes light work of cutting this tough material. via

What is the best way to cut durock?

To cut DUROCK Brand Cement Board, mark desired size on the board with a rule and pencil. Score both sides and edges with a utility knife through the glass-fiber mesh, and snap the board to size. Smooth cut edges with wood rasp. Cutting with a circular saw with a car- bide-tipped blade is an alterna- tive. via

Can cement board be curved?

PermaBase Flex® is a bendable cement board that can be used to wrap beams, columns, arches or anywhere an evenly curved surface is required. It's easy to install and can save the installer time and money. via

How do you drill a hole in cement board? (video)

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