How Do You Get Intellect In The Escapists


What is intellect in the escapists?

Intellect. The Intellect stat determines your character's overall intelligence. You will need to increase your Intellect in order to craft and use certain items, such as Plastic Keys. Reading books and using computers will help increase your Intellect in The Escapists 2. via

How do you get intelligence in the escapists Stalag flucht?

  • Raise your intelligence, strength, and speed to 80+ at the library and the gym.
  • Find the guard with the red key and knock him out.
  • Before Evening Roll Call, place the bed dummy in your bed.
  • Bring with you to Evening Roll Call: Cutters, Guard Outfit and your Plastic Red Key.
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    Which job pays the most in the escapists?

    Currently one of the jobs with the highest payout. Available in : Stalag Flucht, San Pancho, HMP-Irongate. Utility: The Guards do not patrol this space, allowing you to store Contraband items there (The guards of HMP-Irongate WILL patrol!). via

    How do you escape center perks?

  • Get out of the bed straight away, then hit Q on as many inmates as possible.
  • Attend Rollcall.
  • Once the guards are at Rollcall, get everyone to attack the first guard and the second guard.
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    How do you get intellect?

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Meditate.
  • Drink coffee.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Eat nutrient-rich foods.
  • Play an instrument.
  • Read.
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    Where do you find molten plastic in the escapists?

    Molten Plastic is obtained by using a Lighter and a Comb or a Toothbrush. It can also be used with a Plastic Spoon, Fork, or Knife. via

    Can flimsy cutters cut through a fence?

    The fence is a tile that is present on all prisons and can be cut with a File or any form of cutters (Flimsy Cutters, Lightweight Cutters, Sturdy Cutters). via

    How do you increase intelligence in the escapists?

    Intelligence is raised by using the computers or reading books. This stat is needed to be at certain levels for certain jobs and crafting certain items. This increases fatigue, or in The Escapists Console/Mobile and The Escapists 2, decreases stamina. via

    How do you escape Kapow?

  • Take the Makeshift Rocket Thruster, the Screwdriver, and the Makeshift Ladder to the room north of the motorcycle and west of the Job office.
  • Place the Makeshift Ladder below the vent.
  • Climb up your ladder (like you do when you climb a desk) and unscrew the vent.
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    How do you get someone fired from their job in the escapists? (video)

    How do you escape a rattlesnake spring?

  • Head East on the first level of the prison.
  • Go all the way South until you reach the wall over the front entrance of the prison.
  • Chip the wall using either the Crowbar or Iron Bar.
  • Pass through the hole and jump down.
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    What is the best weapon in the escapists?

    The Nunchucks is the strongest weapon in the game. This weapon can be crafted using wire and timber. If you initiate a prison takeover with this weapon then you are awarded the achievement: Way of the dragon. via

    How do you escape center perks in one day?

  • Show up for rollcall and get some easy favors for cash, just in case there is something to buy (I.e. file/duct tape)
  • Go to breakfast, grab all the forks, and run out and start chipping away at the wall right next to the main entrance.
  • Continue doing so whenever possible until down to 4%
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    What is the purple key used for in the escapists?

    Purple Key (Entrance Key) - Opens the locked one-way entrance doors during Lights Out. Green Key (Work Key) - Opens work rooms, such as the janitor's room. You likely won't this key if you have a job. via

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