How Do You Open A Bejeweled Box


How do you get the bejeweled box?

Both characters will find the Bejeweled Box in the Observation Room. Combine it with the Red Jewel (above) to find the STARS Badge. If you examine the STARS Badge, you can turn it into a USB Dongle Key. via

How do you open the jewelry box in Resident Evil?

The first box contains one of the Death masks required to release the coffin in the Cemetery behind the hall. To unlock the box, you must press the two buttons which resemble a heart shape. via

How do you open a boxed electronic RE2?

Place the Large Gear in the panel where you got the Small Gear. Head back down the stairs and put the Small Gear into the Gear Box Panel at the back of the room. The bell will ring and swing and dislodge a Boxed Electronic Part. Pick it up, examine it and turn it into your second Power Panel Part. via

Where is the bejeweled box Claire?

Leon [1st]: On the table inside the Observation Room. Claire [1st]: On the shelf at the back of the Interrogation Room. Leon & Claire [2nd]: To the right side when entering the Shower Room. via

What's in the bejeweled box?

  • Weapons and Weapon Mod Locations.
  • Matilda Handgun.
  • W-870 Shotgun.
  • Lightning Hawk Magnum.
  • Chemical Flamethrower.
  • Rocket Launcher.
  • M19 Handgun.
  • SLS 60 Handgun.
  • via

    How do I get the USB dongle re2?

    This item is obtained by examining the back side of the S.T.A.R.S. Badge, it will turn the badge onto the USB. It can also be turned back into the badge. via

    What do first aid boxes do in Resident Evil?

    Purpose. The examine option can be used to open them which will reveal either a First Aid Spray or a type of regular or mixed herbs. Once opened, the First Aid Box disappears from the Player's inventory and the new item takes its place. via

    What is the metal object for in Resident Evil?

    One is used to open the door in the Roofed Passage to access the Garden Shed and, ultimately, the Courtyard. Later on when you acquire the second Stone and Metal Object by combining the Stone Ring with the Metal Object, you can remove the first one from its place in the Roofed Passage. via

    Where is the yellow gemstone in Resident Evil?

    The Yellow Gemstone is placed in a deer head hanging on a wall in the Spencer Mansion. It can be recovered by climbing a crate to reach the deer head, but the player must make sure an eagle statue with a rotating head isn't looking at them or the gem will be locked into the deer head by an anti-theft mechanism. via

    Where can I use boxed electronic parts re2?

    This can be used with another Power Panel Part 2 located in the Clock Tower later to open the Jail cell (Leon) to get the Parking Pass or open the Private Collection Room electronic lock (Claire) for the Parking Pass. via

    How many electrical parts do you need re2?

    This is the first major departure in Leon's campaign. Just like Claire, he has to collect two Electric Parts/Power Panel Parts, but he'll never make it into the Chief's Office. Instead, he'll explore the Jail (that's where his Power Panel is), and areas that are inaccessible in Claire's campaign. via

    What do electronic parts re2 do?

    At the top of the stairs, you'll receive the Small Gear. Pick up the Small Gear and put the Large Gear in the mechanism in its place. Go back down the stairs and place the Small Gear in the other mechanism near the bell, activating it and rewarding you with Electronic Parts. via

    How do you open the watchman's room in re2?

    When trying to leave the room, a zombie will go through the door used to get inside the room. More zombies will also now appear in the hallway. The shutter can be opened later on in the playthrough by picking up the Fuse (Break Room Hallway), which opens the way from this room to the B1 floor of the Police Station. via

    How do I get an interrogation room?

    Guide. The Key (Heart) from the Lovers Relief is needed in order to enter this room, inside it, past the table is the Bejeweled Box. Once the player tries to get out, a Licker will crash through the window, but this opens the way to the Observation Room. via

    How do you get the USB in Resident Evil 2?

    Once you have the STARS Badge, examine the back of it to find a switch. When you press the switch, you'll reveal the USB stick inside of the badge. Once you have the badge, you can head back up to the STARS Office and use the USB drive on the computer tower. via

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