How Many Btus Are In A Gallon Of Diesel Fuel


How many Btu are in a gallon?

1.52 gallons equals the heat of one gallon of oil. Electricity has 3,413 BTUs per kilowatt hour (kwh). 40.6kwh equals the heat content of one gallon of oil. via

How many BTUs are in a gallon of #2 diesel?

2 fuel oil is a medium distillate that is used in diesel engines and also as heating oil. No. 2 fuel oil usually has an energy content of 140,000 Btu/gal (7% less energy per gallon than No. 6 oil). via

How many BTUs do you get out of a gallon of fuel oil?

140,000 BTU/gallon for heating oil. via

Which has more BTU gas or diesel?

Diesel has a higher energy density than gasoline, with one gallon producing 155x 10 to the sixth power joules. In other words, one gallon of diesel produces 147,000 BTUs compared to 125,000 BTUs of a gallon of regular gas. via

How many BTU does it take to heat a gallon of water?

A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a measurement of heat energy. One BTU is the amount of heat energy required to raise one pound of water by 1ºF. Water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon so we can calculate that one gallon of water requires 8.33 BTU to raise the temperature 1ºF. via

How many BTUs are in a pound of diesel?

is fairly constant, but their density differs significantly – hence the energy content of a liter, gallon, etc. varies between gasoline, diesel, kerosene. ) (the above ranges are equivalent to 11,500-13,000 Btu/lb and 6,500- 8,200 Btu/lb). via

How many BTUs is jet fuel?

Jet fuel = 135,000 Btu/gallon. via

How many BTUs are in a barrel of oil?

A standard barrel of oil is 42 gallons of crude and equals 5.8 million Btu, while 100 cubic feet of natural gas comes in at 103,700 Btu. via

What has more BTU propane or natural gas?

One cubic foot of propane = 2,516 BTUs compared to one cubic foot of natural gas = 1,030 BTUs. Propane contains more than twice the energy of natural gas. In one hour, a 100,000 BTU natural gas furnace burns around 97 cubic feet while a propane furnace burns only 40 cubic feet in an hour. via

How much oil is in a barrel in gallons?

A standard U.S. barrel contains 42 gallons of crude oil which yields about 44 gallons of petroleum products. via

Are higher BTUs better?

BTU basics

A measure of an air conditioner's power is its BTU rating. BTUs are the energy used to remove heat from a room. Therefore, the more BTUs an air conditioner unit has, the better equipped it is to cool a larger space. via

What gas has highest BTU?

High-Btu natural gas contains higher concentrations of natural gas liquids (mostly ethane and some propane) that have higher heat content than methane. Pure ethane has a heat content of 1,770 Btu/cf and pure propane 2,516 Btu/cf. via

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