How Much Does A Locker Cost At Great America


Are there lockers at Great America?

Lockers are available for rent in two sizes (standard and large), and the booth also offers both single and double strollers. Locker and Stroller Rentals is open all day long, so you can retrieve and return your rentals at any time during your visit. via

How much are lockers at Great Adventure?

Yes it cost $14 for the day. via

How much is a gold pass for Great America?

A Gold Pass from California's Great America, one of Northern California's best family entertainment values, delivering four seasons of fun in six easy payments of just $15.50. The pass pays for itself in just two visits and the park is open from late March through December 30. via

Does Great America allow dogs?

Do you allow pets at Great America? Only service animals are permitted in the park. via

Can I bring a backpack into Great America?

California's Great America is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our guests and associates. All guests arriving at the park are electronically scanned with a handheld "wand" and/or metal detector. Guests are also asked to open any backpacks, purses or waist packs for a brief examination. via

Can I go to Great America without a reservation?

Ticket Guests Who Have Not Yet Purchased a Ticket

You do not need to make a separate reservation to visit. Simply visit the park on the date selected at purchased. via

Can you sneak food into Six Flags?

Food, beverages, coolers and grills may not be brought into the park. One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items. No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at Six Flags Magic Mountain to receive a medical sticker. via

Can I bring a backpack to Six Flags?

Guests must pass through an electronic security screening system at the Front Gate turnstiles. Six Flags America reserves the right to inspect all packages, purses, backpacks and fanny packs prior to entering the park. Sharp objects, weapons and illegal contraband are not permitted into the park. via

Does Six Flags ticket include water park?

Six Flags Passes also include Combo Passes. Purchase and use of a Six Flags Pass is subject to the regulations of each individual Six Flags theme park, water park or other attraction (“Six Flags Attraction”), copies of which are displayed at each Six Flags Attraction and are available upon request. via

Can you bring a friend with a gold pass?

No. Bring-A-Friend Program benefits are only available to Season Pass and Gold Season Passholders. via

How much are the tickets for Great America at Costco?

General Admission (Daily Tickets): Gate ticket pricing for a one-day ticket is currently $59.99 for ages 3 and older, with discounts for kids under 48″ tall and for Seniors (62 and older). via

How long does the gold pass last?

How long does the Gold Pass last? Once you upgrade to the Gold Pass, it lasts for the entire Season, from the date of the purchase to the last day of the Season. via

What is the least busy day at Six Flags Great America?

Weekdays (Monday-Friday) are historically least crowded during the summer season in June, July, and August. Weekends attract more tourists and vacationers. via

How much does a ticket cost for Six Flags?

Prices on one-day tickets range from $25 to $65, so if you visit the park more than once a Season Pass very quickly pays for itself. A Six Flags Membership is an even better value, since it costs only a little bit more but includes numerous benefits that save you money every time you visit the park. via

Can you get banned from Six Flags?

Several people were banned for trespassing in dangerous areas near roller coasters and other attractions, reports show. Those areas have signs that read: "Stop-Danger-Stop. Your life is at risk. Persons entering this area will be arrested and banned from Six Flags property for life." via

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