How Old Was Aria When She Slept With Ezra


When did Aria and Ezra first sleep together?

It's pretty clear that when Aria and Ezra met at a bar in the first episode, they had sex, and then they slept together in the second season episode "If These Dolls Could Talk." They continued to have an intimate relationship for a long time. via

How old was Aria when she married Ezra?

Aria was 15 in the Pilot, and Ezra was 22. via

Is Aria and Ezra relationship illegal?

While Aria is of legal age in season seven, she was a minor throughout most of Ezria's relationship, making it totally illegal. And I was like, 'No s***, [Ezra and Aria's] relationship is illegal!" But then the show's executive producer I. Marlene King clarified that it wasn't Ezria that was causing the BTS drama. via

Who lost their virginity first in PLL?

Hanna was the first among the girls to lose her virginity (to Caleb), but the girls think that Emily had already lost her virginity to Ben while Alison was still alive. Hanna got arrested three times. via

Did Aria and Ezra have a baby?

You're the first to tell me this! That's so cute,” she responded when Us shared the news that Aria – her character from Pretty Little Liars – had adopted a child with Ezra (Ian Harding). The characters tied the knot in the 2017 finale of the show. via

Who does Wren end up with?

He later moved to London after leaving Rosewood in Season 4. He is later revealed to be the biological father of Emily's and Alison's twin daughters, Lily and Grace. Ultimately, his girlfriend, Alex Drake, killed him as she wanted to become Spencer and he had tried to stop her. via

What episode does Emily lose her virginity PLL?

The Lady Killer is the twelfth episode and the summer finale of Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on August 28th 2012. via

Does Ezra have a twin?

twins have identical DNA so if Ezra's twin had fathered Malcom, the paternity test would've indicated that Ezra is his father because Ezra and his twin hae the same DNA. via

Does Ezra cheat on Aria?

Aria was the first Liar to receive a message from "A." Aria has cheated on every boyfriend she's had. When she was dating Noel, she cheated on him by making out with Ezra. When she was dating Ezra, she kisses Jason and she kisses Wesley, his brother. via

Is Ezra Fitz a bad guy?

Trivia. Despite serving as one of the main antagonists of the fourth season, Ezra is an anti-villain, as he was only stalking the girls for his book. Having said that, fans (and even the Liars) suspected that he was A due to his actions in Season 4B, even though he was in no way associated with A. via

Who is the one Ali fears the most?

Mrs. Grunwald's “One of you has been touched by the one Ali fears the most” is just lousy fortune cookie material. (I like Spencer's “It's gonna be me” reaction face, though.) via

Who does Spencer lose her virginity to?

Spencer loses her virginity to Toby. via

What is wrong with Mike PLL?

He also sneaks around his parents, keeping secrets that Aria is aware of in general, like him breaking into houses, but not privy to. He also suffered chronic depression which seems to be under control now, with the help of a therapist and medication. via

What episode does Spencer Hastings lose her virginity?

Out of the four girls, Spencer is the last one to lose her virginity. She lost her virginity to Toby in "The Lady Killer". via

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