In What Year Did Sophocles First Exhibit Antigone


When did Sophocles first exhibit Antigone?

Some evidence suggests that Antigone was first performed in 442 or 441 bce. Philoctetes was first performed in 409, when Sophocles was 90 years old, and Oedipus at Colonus was said to have been produced after Sophocles' death by his grandson. via

What year approximately Did Sophocles produce Antigone?

The play Antigone was written around 441 b.c. near the end of Sophocles life and was written and produced in Athens, Greece. Sophocles was born in Colunus, a village near Athens in 495 b.c. He is thirty years younger than Aeschylus and fifteen years older than Euripides. via

Where does Antigone by Sophocles take place?

setting (time)All three plays are set in the mythical past of ancient Greece. setting (place)Antigone and Oedipus the King are set in Thebes, Oedipus at Colonus in Colonus (near Athens). via

Why did Antigone bury her brother?

Why Did Antigone Bury Polyneices? Antigone buried her brother out of devotion and loyalty to both the Gods and her family. Without one or the other, she would not have had the courage or thought of going against Creon's law and putting her life out on the line. via

Is Antigone a tragedy?

Antigone (/ænˈtɪɡəni/ ann-TIG-ə-nee; Ancient Greek: Ἀντιγόνη) is a tragedy by Sophocles written in or before 441 BC. Of the three Theban plays Antigone is the third in order of the events depicted in the plays, but it is the first that was written. via

What is Creon's most defining character trait?

Creon's hamartia, or tragic flaw, is hubris, which leads him to believe that the laws of the state are more important than the so called unwritten laws of the gods. Because of this stubborn belief in his own judgment, Creon loses his family and the respect of his people. via

Which God does Greek drama honor?

The Dionysia (/daɪəˈnaɪsiə/) was a large festival in ancient Athens in honor of the god Dionysus, the central events of which were the theatrical performances of dramatic tragedies and, from 487 BC, comedies. It was the second-most important festival after the Panathenaia. via

What is Sophocles full name?

Become a member to unlock this answer! Sophocles was known as Sophocles of Kolonos. He was born circa 496 CE in Greece. via

Who is the famous tragedies of Sophocles?

Only seven of Sophocles' tragedies are extant: Philoctetes, Ajax, Electra, Trachiniae (Women of Trachis), and the Oedipal Trilogy (also known as the Oedipal Cycle) consisting of Oedipus Tyrannus (Oedipus the King), Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. via

Who was the first actor on stage?

Most theater and history buffs can name Thespis of ancient Greece, the world's first known actor, and the origin of theater term thespian. Some believe he was also a priest for the Greek god of food and wine, Dionysus. via

Is Antigone a royalty?

The Antigone family tree is crucial to understanding what happens in the Greek playwright Sophocles' tragedy Antigone. She is a member of the Royal Line of Thebes, and her family is the main subject of Sophocles' plays in The Oedipus Plays; Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone. via

Who is Creon's son?

Haemon- He is Creon's son. Haemon is supposed to marry Antigone, however, when Creon banishes Antigone to her death, Haemon runs off. via

What was going on in 441 BC?

Persian forces led by Xerxes destroy Athens. First of the Peloponnesian Wars begins between Sparta and Athens. 441 BC. Euripides writes his first tragic play. via

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