What Are The Three Traps Rainsford Sets


What is the third trap Rainsford sets for Zaroff?

The third trap Rainsford makes quickly because Zaroff is not far behind him. He ties his knife to a sapling. He ties the sapling back with some vine. This trap is also effective because when it is triggered, it hits and kills Ivan, Zaroff's servant. via

What three tricks does Rainsford use?

Rainsford evades Zaroff by making a complicated trail, setting traps, and using weapons. via

How does Zaroff respond to Rainsford's traps?

9. Zaroff responds to Rainsford's traps by expressing . ship's nearness to Ship-Trap Island. via

Which trap killed Ivan?

Ivan falls victim to Rainsford's knife, which was used as a spring trap released when walked upon. Zaroff is sorry to lose such a faithful servant and "henchman"; in the same way he laments the loss of his favourite hunting dog, which falls into a staked pit Rainsford had also prepared. via

How did Rainsford outsmart Zaroff?

In Connell's short story The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was able to defeat General Zaroff. In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff's castle, surprises him, and kills him. via

What happens when Rainsford built his first trap?

Rainsford realized Zaroff knows where he is and is just playing with him at that point. What happened when Rainsford built his first trap? After Rainsford "Malay man-catcher" was triggered, he managed to injure General Zaroff in the shoulder, causing him to retreat back to the mansion. via

How does Rainsford avoid being caught?

At first, Rainsford tries to avoid Zaroff by making false tracks. He looped around to confuse Zaroff. He executed a series of intricate loops; he doubled on his trail again and again, recalling all the lore of the fox hunt, and all the dodges of the fox. via

What does Rainsford keep saying to himself?

It seems to him that he will surely be caught and killed. Mostly, what he does to stay calm is to talk to himself. He tells himself to calm down. He tells himself to keep his nerve. via

Why does Rainsford call himself a beast at bay?

Rainsford calls himself the “beast at bay” because he swam to kill Zaroff and he is very dangerous. At the end of the story Rainsford kills Zaroff. via

Why does Zaroff choose to hunt humans?

Zaroff sees himself as a superior animal because he has the ability to reason. This is why he finally decided to hunt humans, because he felt they were the only animal that could provide a challenge for his superior hunting skills. via

Where did Rainsford hide in the bedroom?

As he turns on his bedroom light, he is shocked to find Rainsford concealed in the curtains of the bed. Before they fight, Zaroff states that the dogs will eat one of them that night while the other will sleep in the comfortable bed. via

What happens to Rainsford after he hears a gunshot while on the ship?

He suddenly hears the sound of gunshots and in his attempt to see the source of the sound, he falls into the water. After a brief moment of panic, Rainsford rallies and decides to swim toward the source of the gunshots. When he finally makes it ashore, he falls asleep. via

Who is Rainsford talking to at the beginning of the story?

Whitney is Rainsford's friend and hunting companion who first introduces Rainsford and the reader to Ship-Trap Island and its ominous reputation as an evil place. via

What place does General zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid?

General Zaroff tells Rainsford to avoid Death Swamp, a swamp filled with quicksand on the southeast corner of Ship-Trap Island. via

Why did Rainsford say I'll agree to nothing of the kind?

29. Explain how Rainsford fate was practically sealed with these words, "I'll agree to nothing of the kind." Rainsford didn't want to be hunted by Zaroff and disagreed wtih the idea. Wheras Rainsfrod is the prey and general Zaroff is the hunter. via

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