What Color Is Discord Logo


What color is Discord icon?

What color is the Discord logo? The light and fresh Discord color palette represent creativity, communication, and freedom, which the application provides its users with. The light lilac and blue, used in the visual identity of the brand is Blurple (HEX Color #7289DA), and Full White ( Hex Color #FFFFF). via

What color is Discord new logo?

Discord explained that the new icon design was arrived at after several iterations. The new Clyde can also emote, and its face will change every time you launch the app. The background is also now a bolder purple colour. The biggest and most divisive change, however, has been the font. via

Is Discord color blue or purple?

Discord on Twitter: "The official color of Discord is blurple :)… " via

What is the exact color of the Discord background?

Discord uses the colors blurple, full white, greyple, dark but not black, and not quite black for most of their brand assets. The hexadecimal code for their blurple is currently #5865F2. via

What symbol is Discord?

The discord icon can be seen as a play on a stylized gaming controller with the grips curled down, forming a smile, which can also be seen as a face. Discord has never officially stated what it is meant to represent and is left up to the interpretation of the community and the user. via

What is a wumpus Discord?

Wumpus is Discord's mascot, and appears in branding, easter eggs, stickers, and images throughout the client and website. via

What is Clyde Bot in discord?

Clyde as a bot Clyde is the name used for a fake bot in the client. It doesn't respond to commands, but sends private messages with information or errors, like if you try use an animated emoji without Nitro or if you are alone in a call by yourself for over 5 minutes. via

Is the new discord logo bad?

The new discord logo is horrible, its over simplified, the font is horrible, please don't change it, whoever designed it should be fired, also the color changes are bad but mainly the LOGO DONT CHANGE THE ICONIC LOGO DONT RUIN IT. via

Why do people dislike the new discord logo?

The New Font Looks Childish

With regard to Discord's new wordmark, it seems that users are split between two opinions. But others say to scrap the new font entirely. It's meant to look friendly, but instead the dissatisfied users are calling it ugly and childish. via

What is purple in Discord?

Roles change the color of someone's username in chat based on the color in the role. The color of the role can be different based on the person (imagine two people have Role A, one can have a green Role A, the other one can have a purple Role A and therefore their nicknames can be green and purple respectively). via

Why did Discord change their blue?

Good ol' Blurple: Just like Clyde, Blurple is in every corner of Discord. It's not exactly blue, not exactly purple... but it's definitely close to our hearts. We wanted to bring more energy to Discord for our entire color palette by brightening up the colors to be more bold and playful. via

What do the colored dots on Discord mean?

They are as follows: Green = Online. Yellow = Idle. Red = Do Not Disturb. Purple = Streaming. via

What color code is Discord GREY?

Palette Discord colors palette has 5 HEX, RGB codes colors: HEX: #7289da RGB: (114, 137, 218), HEX: #ffffff RGB: (255, 255, 255), HEX: #99aab5 RGB: (153, 170, 181), HEX: #2c2f33 RGB: (44, 47, 51), HEX: #23272a RGB: (35, 39, 42). via

How do you get invisible name in Discord?

  • Copy the unicode character '1CBC' below.
  • Now, go to Discord and click on the gear icon beside your username to access 'User Settings'.
  • Enter your current password and select 'Done'.
  • You can change the name in just a server by typing '/nick + Tab key' and then pasting the character.
  • via

    What font is Discord?

    The Uni sans font is the basic Discord font that is used all over the platform. It can be used in various different ways, and the weights range from thin to heavy. via

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