What Does Dem Mean In Medical Terminology


What does dem o mean in medical terms?

(dēm), A local, small, highly inbred group or kinship. Compare: isolate. via

What does in mean in medical terms?

Prefix denoting not or in, into, within. via

What does dem mean in science?

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a representation of the bare ground (bare earth) topographic surface of the Earth excluding trees, buildings, and any other surface objects. via

What does dem mean in Greek?

dem-, prefix. dem- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning "people. '' This meaning is found in such words as: demagogue, democracy, demography. via

Which type of disease is an illness without a known cause?

An idiopathic disease is any disease with an unknown cause or mechanism of apparent spontaneous origin. From Greek ἴδιος idios "one's own" and πάθος pathos "suffering", idiopathy means approximately "a disease of its own kind". via

What is an abnormal state of being without strength?

-asthenia. lack of strength. astr/o. star, star-shaped. via

What does KAL I mean?

kal/o, kal/i. 2 combining forms for potassium. via

What are common medical terms?

Top 25 medical terms to know

  • Benign: Not cancerous.
  • Malignant: Cancerous.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces swelling, pain, and soreness (such as ibuprofen or naproxen)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): Body fat measurement based on height and weight.
  • Biopsy: A tissue sample for testing purposes.
  • Hypotension: Low blood pressure.
  • via

    Why is it important to use correct medical terminology?

    What is the purpose of medical terminology? This language helps medical staff communicate more efficiently and makes documentation easier. This enables staff to save time by ensuring they don't have to explain complex medical condition in plain English and can focus on the treatment of patients. via

    What EDM means?

    Electronic dance music via

    What is DEM slang?

    DEM means "Them." via

    What are DEMs used for?

    Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) are raster files with elevation data for each raster cell. DEMs are popular for calculations, manipulations and further analysis of an area, and more specifically analysis based on the elevation. via

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