What Does The Coyote And The Buffalo Teach


What is the moral of the story Coyote and the buffalo?

The overall theme of the short story was trust and loyalty. The buffalo exemplified both of these characteristics well throughout the story. He trusted the coyote to give him new horns instead of just killing Coyote. Then, he trusted the coyote to listen to his directions pertaining to the cow given to the coyote. via

What does the Coyote make for the buffalo?

Coyote jumped down and called to his power. It scolded him for getting into trouble, but it gave him a flint knife and a stump of pitchwood. From this stump Coyote carved a pair of fine heavy horns with sharp points. He gave them to Buffalo Bull. via

What makes Coyote and Buffalo a trickster tale?

In the stories they show the importance of protecting his family. Coyote in Coyote and Buffalo show violence when he kills the cow, spits on and kicks the skull, he kills young buffalo. Trickery is shown when the old lady tricks Coyote. via

What does Coyote do to the skull of buffalo bull?

Coyote throws and kicks the skull because he enjoys taking revenge on an enemy who chased and frightened him. Coyote's action has a far-reaching effect; since Buffalo Bull will not give him another cow, Coyote returns to his own country without a buffalo and none have ever lived there. via

What has made buffalo bull so angry?

What has made Buffalo Bull so angry? He is angry because Coyote mocked him and because Young Buffalo killed him and stole his heard. via

Why are there no buffalo in Coyote's country?

According to the story, why don't buffalo live in the Swah-netk-qhu county? Coyote killed the cow and disobeyed the buffalo and he wouldn't give him another cow so it forced the coyote to return to his own country without a buffalo. via

Why is Buffalo Bull so enraged at Coyote?

Why is buffalo so enraged at Coyote at the beginning of the story? because the coyote had found his enemy's bones and made fun of them. He threw Buffalo Bull's skull, kicked it, and spat on it. by persuading him into thinking he needed new horns and that Coyote could make the new horns for him. via

Why is Buffalo Bull angry at Coyote?

Why is Buffalo Bull angry? He has lost his herd. via

What surprises Coyote after he kicks buffalo bull's skull Group of answer choices?

What surprises Coyote after he kicks Buffalo Bull's skull? Young Buffalo runs toward him. Rain comes from a cloudless sky. Buffalo Bull comes up behind him. via

Who retold the story of Coyote and the buffalo?

A lot of Native American stories teach wisdom and values, one such story is called “Coyote and Buffalo”, retold by Mourning dove. In this folktale, a coyote, which is an example of a trickster archetype, is knocking around the skull of a fallen buffalo and severely disrespecting it. via

Did the fact that the trickster is a somewhat familiar archetypal character make it easier to predict Coyote's actions or did his behavior surprise you?

Did the factor that the trickster is a somewhat familiar archetypal character make it easier to predict coyotes predictions, or did his behavior surprise you? This story teaches don't be greedy and actions come with consequences. Trickster tales endure, in part, simply because they are fun to read. via

What are two possible functions of a trickster?

Often the trickster serves as a transformer and culture hero who creates order out of chaos. He may teach humans the skills of survival, such as how to make fire, procreate, or catch or raise food, usually through negative examples that end with his utter failure to accomplish these tasks. via

What problems does Coyote face after he abuses buffalo bull's skull?

What problem does Coyote face after he abuses Buffalo Bull's skull? His powers abandon him for asking for too much. He feels guilty for abusing Buffalo Bull's skull. He finds that the trees are too small to save him. via

What does Coyote do when he finds buffalo bull's skull and why?

COYOTE & BUFFALO: Why does Coyote act as he does when he finds Buffalo Bull's skull? He wants revenge for the times that Buffalo Bull scared him and made him run. via

What appears to help Coyote the most in his conflict with bull buffalo?

Which of the following aids Coyote most in his conflict with Bull Buffalo? To show his appreciation, he gifts Coyote Young Buffalo. via

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