What Is A Litany In Poetry


What is meant by a litany?

1 : a prayer consisting of a series of invocations and supplications by the leader with alternate responses by the congregation the Litany of the Saints. 2a : a resonant or repetitive chant a litany of cheering phrases— Herman Wouk. b : a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration a familiar litany of complaints. via

What is the purpose of the poem litany?

Litany is a kind of love poem, a series of metaphorical comparisons between the speaker, the first person 'I', and another, which could be a lover, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, loved one, friend, mate, buddy, a deity, even a pet, and so on and so on. via

What is litany about Carol Ann Duffy?

'Litany' by Carol Ann Duffy is a moving, complex depiction of a childhood marked by society's troubling standards for women. The poem takes the reader through a variety of images associated with a speaker's youth. By the end of the poem, the speaker is able to talk back and use the language her mother never would. via

When was litany written?

Very rarely, though, do I receive questions about specific poems written by laureates. One major exception is Billy Collins's poem “Litany.” “Litany” was originally published in the February 2002 issue of Poetry magazine, and included later that year in Collins's book Nine Horses: Poems. via

What is an example of a litany?

The definition of a litany is a long and tedious list. When a person lists all the things that are wrong with his house, this is an example of a litany of complaints about his house. A repetitive recital, series, or list. via

How do you use the word litany?

  • The landlord was tired of listening to his tenant's litany of complaints about the property.
  • When I listened to my mother's litany of criticisms about the nursing home staff, I was shocked by some of her accusations.
  • The criminal's litany of crimes filled a huge folder in the prosecutor's office.
  • via

    What is Textula and examples?

    Textula The term "textula" is a blend of the English word "text" and the Filipino word "tula! ' Meaning text poem, it is a poem written in the form of a text message. Usually consisting of one or two stanzas, it is sent as a direct communication to a person close to the sender. via

    What is the poem never go back about?

    This poem is from Carol Ann Duffy's collection Mean Time. In Never Go Back Duffy explores the past and the bad memories associated with time and place, where things ended badly for her. She is either physically returning to the past or visiting the places in her memory. via

    How does Duffy present childhood in litany?

    Innocence is one of the ways in which Duffy explores childhood in her poems. Duffy uses the character in the poem to explore the theme of childhood. Litany is about the construction of a false world, with children being protected from anything unsavoury such as 'cancer' and 'leukaemia. via

    What is the response to a litany prayer?

    A litany can be a prayer for help, praise, forgiveness, thanksgiving or blessing. Litanies consist of a lead statement followed by a repeated response, such as “pray for us” or “we praise you, we bless you, we thank you” or “Lord hear us”; or “Lord Have Mercy”. via

    Who put the litany of Loreto together?

    Pope Gelasius I (492-96) introduced into the Mass an intercession of litanic character, the nine-fold Kyrie eleison which still survives. via

    Is litany a negative word?

    The original meaning of litany is a purely religious one. Its more popular, secular meaning tends to be used in a negative way, as in your grandpa's litany of aches and pains or the litany of complaints from passengers on a stalled subway car. via

    What is the litany in the Book of Common Prayer?

    The litany was a penitential processional service used in time of trouble or to express sorrow for sins. It consisted chiefly of very short intercessory petitions to God and the saints said by the priest and a brief standard response from the choir or congregation. via

    What is the collect in a church service?

    A collect is simply a prayer meant to gather the intentions of the people and the focus of worship into a succinct prayer. All of the collects more or less fit a pattern that was developed and some would say perfected by Archbishop Cranmer in the first Book of Common Prayer (1549). via

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