What Is A Wergild In Beowulf


What does wergild mean?

Wergild, also spelled Wergeld, or Weregild, (Old English: “man payment”), in ancient Germanic law, the amount of compensation paid by a person committing an offense to the injured party or, in case of death, to his family. via

What is wergild in Beowulf quizlet?

wergild. Wergild. "man price" which is paid to clan or tribe to avoid inevitable revenge. via

Where is wergild mentioned in Beowulf?

Hrothgar introduces the topic of wergild when Beowulf arrives at Heorot (line 470). via

What was wergild and how was it used?

Weregild (also spelled wergild, wergeld (in archaic/historical usage of English), weregeld, etc.), also known as man price (blood money), was established on a person's life, paid as a fine or compensatory damages to the family when that person's life is taken or is otherwise injured. via

Why was the wergild so important?

During the Anglo-Saxon period the people aimed at compensating those who were harmed by crime. Tradition allowed and individual and their family to make amends for a crime by paying a fine (wergild) to the family of another man whom he had injured or killed. via

What was Grendel's wergild?

Another word from this period, which occurs in Beowulf, is “wergild.” Wergild is the value of a man's life, payable to his family by his murderer. The price for the dragon is death for his murders. Beowulf, who is also responsible for the killing of Grendel, is killed as well. via

Who is wulfgar in Beowulf quizlet?

Wulfgar is a noble Swede, known for his strength and wisdom. Wulfgar offers to introduce Beowulf and his men to Hrothgar, King of the Danes. What is the purpose of the feast that Hrothgar hosts in Beowulf's honor? The feast is to honor Beowulf and his men before they head off to face Grendel. via

Why didn't Beowulf stop Grendel's mother?

Who wanted to avenge Grendel's death? Why didn't Beowulf stop Grendel's mother when she was avenging her son? He was asleep in the luxury quarters he was rewarded for slaying Grendel. Who confronts Grendal's Mom? via

What was the Anglo Saxon code of Wergild quizlet?

What was the Anglo-Saxon code of "wergild?" When someone killed person, they were required to pay money to the family of the person they killed- if they could not, it meant death. via

Who paid Ecgtheow Wergild?

After Beowulf's father murdered a member of the powerful Wulfing clan, he did not pay the wergild and subsequently faced numerous death threats. King Hrothgar pays the wergild on behalf of Beowulf's father, which end the death threats. via

What does comitatus mean in Beowulf?

In Anglo-Saxon literature, comitatus refers to a relationship that benefited both noblemen and freemen. According to the comitatus relationship, nobleman provided the freemen with land in exchange for protection and loyalty. via

What does Thane mean in Beowulf?

Thanes are the men who surround a ruler or king of a region. They are, above all, expected to be loyal to their king. In Anglo-Saxon literature, this reciprocal relationship of faithfulness is called comitatus. It meant that the thane would protect the ruler and the civilization he stood for, even if that meant dying. via

What were Buhrs?

A burh (Old English pronunciation: [burˠx]) or burg was an Old English fortification or fortified settlement. In the 9th century, raids and invasions by Vikings prompted Alfred the Great to develop a network of burhs and roads to use against such attackers. via

What do the words wer and gild mean?

[ wur-gild, wer- ] SHOW IPA. / ˈwɜr gɪld, ˈwɛr- / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. (in Anglo-Saxon England and other Germanic countries) money paid to the relatives of a murder victim in compensation for loss and to prevent a blood feud. via

What was the Anglo-Saxon thane?

In Anglo-Saxon England, a thegn was a lord who held his land directly from the king in return for military service in time of war. The term ​thane persisted in Scotland until the 1400s in reference to a hereditary tenant of the crown who did not serve in the military. via

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