What Is The Rarest Disney Pin


What is the rarest Disney collectible pin?

In terms of rarity, the Dream Jeweled Mickey is one of the rarest Disney pins ever made and a collector's dream item. It's packed full of special features that add to the pin's value. Each of the three pins has 130 precious gems including garnets, black sapphires and real diamonds. via

How can you tell if a Disney pin is rare?

  • Serial Number – Disney has started adding these in recent years.
  • Coloring – Look for true colors, anything yellow/green tint or off color is an indicator of a fake (yellow eyes are bad).
  • Rough edges – a real pin will have smooth, and not rough edges.
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    What are some rare Disney pins?

    10 Rarest Disney Pins Ever Created

  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Limited Edition 500 Pin.
  • Ariel Carousel Limited Edition 300 Pin.
  • Disney Employee Center Snow White Limited Edition 200 Pin.
  • Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate Pin.
  • Donald Duck Watch Pin.
  • Ariel Carousel Limited Edition 100 Pin – 2003.
  • 50 Year Service Award Pin.
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    What are Disney trading pins worth?

    There are character pins, park pins, resort pins, sports pins, holiday pins, etc. Basically, anything and everything you love about Disney, there is likely a pin for it. The pins typically range in price from around $8 for a basic pin to around $17 for a special event pin - of course, prices can and will vary. via

    Are Disney Fantasy pins illegal?

    Many have been calling them “Fantasy Pins” and they are inspired by Disney in some sort of way. These fan pins are not trademarked or officially sanctioned by Disney but so many people are crazy about them! via

    What was the first Disney Pin?

    Each pin contains a minuscule piece of a prop from a WDW attraction. The first pin in the series, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pin with a sliver of a porthole, has sold for over $275 on eBay. The success of the series has led to a 2006 and 2008 set and a 2009 and 2010 set for Disneyland Resort. via

    How can you tell a fake Disney pin?

    The easiest way to spot a fake pin is if it is a soft enamel pin. 99.99% of the time these pins are fake. Unless you buy it in a Disney store and it comes with an official backing, it's almost definitely a scrapper. Soft enamel pins are a cheaper way to produce pins. via

    Why are Disney pins so expensive?

    Part of the reason that people get so into pin trading is because there are so many awesome pins that Disney releases. They feature our favorite Disney characters, rides, foods, and even locations within the park. via

    Will Disney cast members trade fake pins?

    All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector. If you or your kids are trading pins with Cast Members, you're going to get scrappers in return. via

    What is a scrapper pin?

    Scrappers are simply pins that didn't meet quality assurance standards and have been resold to people looking to buy pins on the cheap. Sometimes, the same molds are used in an unauthorized manner to make the fakes. This makes it really difficult to know if you're getting the real deal. via

    What is a hidden Mickey pin?

    Previously known as “Hidden Mickey” pins, the new name represents the new, wide variety of pins. Hidden Disney pins (also formerly known as Cast Lanyard Pins) are only obtainable by trading with a Cast Member off of their lanyard. via

    Can you pin trade at Disney 2021?

    It's official… Disney Pin Trading is back at the Disneyland Resort! Today, June 15, 2021, a pin trading board was spotted at Disney's Pin Traders at Downtown Disney. via

    Why are pins so expensive?

    Most people order small quantities so the price per pin may seem high, but it is because they are paying to create a mold and spreading the cost over few pins. A typical enamel pin mold costs $50. If you only order one pin, you would pay a minimum of $50 to cover the cost of the mold. via

    Do Disney pins increase in value?

    Considerations For The Collector

    It is an officially supported hobby promoted by Disney. Pins do rise in value and some have commanded over $2,000 in private and public sales on the secondary market, which too this day remains vibrant and active. via

    What Disney items are worth money?

  • 1 Beauty and the Beast VHS Tape - $13,500.
  • 2 Princess Ariel Talking Doll - $1,700.
  • 3 Aladdin Genie Plush Doll - $1,000.
  • 4 Mickey Mouse Pez Dispensers - up to $800.
  • 5 Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Doll - $500.
  • 6 The Little Mermaid Storybook and Music Box - $500.
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