What Is The Theme Of Ungifted


What is the author's purpose in ungifted?

Authors purpose: the authors purpose was to entertain the people with a fiction book. via

What is a summary of ungifted?

The plot revolves around Donovan Curtis, a troublemaker that gets wrapped up in a major prank gone wrong. Due to an accident caused by the superintendent, Donovan gets sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction (ASD); a school for gifted and talented students. via

What was the setting in ungifted?

The setting of the book takes place at Hard Castle Middle School and The Academy of Scholastic Distinction which is a school for gifted and talented students. This book takes place in the 21st century. The mood of this book is humorous because the characters find themselves in unlikely situations. via

What is the main conflict in ungifted?

Conflict. -The conflict in the story is that Donovan Curtis was in big trouble with the Superintendent. Dr. Schultz made a mistake by accidentally sending him to an Academy for honor and gifted students. via

What does the word ungifted mean?

: not endowed with a special talent or superior intellectual capacity : not gifted an ungifted performer. via

What is the climax of ungifted?

The climax of the story is when Dr. Schultz finds Donovan and he has to clean up the Atlas statue. The climax was not really big in the story but that is the main turning point that occurs. He ends up being transferred back to his old high school. via

What is the problem in ungifted?

The problem in the story is that Donovan gets in trouble and the superintendent of the school writes down his name. His assistant was picking up the names for the gifted program, which is when some really smart students get sent to The Academy, and she accidentally picked up Donovan's name. via

Is there a movie for ungifted?

Walden Media is developing another family-friendly feature film. Deadline reports that the studio has bought screen rights to Gordon Korman's Ungifted, which is set to be published in fall 2012. Korman has already done well with the 39 Clues series that DreamWorks is currently developing as a film. via

Who basically kidnaps Donovan and takes him to the robotics meet?

That it was probably Noah, who wants Donovan to be with the class for the robotics meet. That it was probably Mr. Osborne, who wants the class to win the robotics meet. via

What is the resolution of ungifted?

The resolution in "ungifted" is when a girl from the academy, Chloe Garfinkle, adopted one of Beatrice's puppies. Noah Youkilis gets kicked out of the acadamy and goes to Donovan's school and they travel to the Academy for robotics three times a week which was approved by Dr. Schultz. via

Who is the protagonist in ungifted?

Donovan Curtis

Donovan is the novel's central character, its protagonist and one of its many narrators. He is in his mid-teens, comes from what might be described as a relatively average family and, as he himself understands, is driven by his impulses. via

What happened in the middle of ungifted?

She is rushed to the hospital, gives birth safely, and names the baby girl after the robot built by Donovan and his academy classmates. Everything goes back to normal – or close to normal: Donovan continues to attend his old school, but is allowed to continue participating in the Academy's robotics club. via

Who is the antagonist in ungifted?

Antagonist: Dr. Schultz, he is the dean of students and makes all the rules. When you get in trouble you go straight to him. He is tall, bald, and sends kids running in fear. via

How many chapters is ungifted?

This 89-page guide for “Ungifted” by Gordon Korman includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 31 chapters, as well as several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis. via

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