Where Is Patpat Located


Is PatPat from China?

HONG KONG -- PatPat, a global e-commerce website that sells baby clothes and matching family outfits, has raked in $510 million from two funding rounds backed by Chinese investors. "The market penetration of e-commerce is accelerating globally. via

What country is PatPat from?

PatPat via

Is PatPat safe to buy from?

PatPat is a legitimate company providing quality products to happy customers all around the world. Considering this issue, we can say that buying PatPat products is the best thing you can do for both your kids and your budget. The clothes are outstanding and come at a very affordable price. via

Where is PatPat based?

PatPat is a California-based online retail company that distributes clothing, changing pads, toys and accessories for babies. PatPat was founded in 2014. PatPat's headquarters is located in Mountain View, California, USA 94041. via

Is PatPat true to size?

In my experience with PatPat, their clothes ran true to size, and possibly a tad bigger than I expected. My PJ's were a little snug, but I like my clothing to be tight and after wearing them for only a few minutes I could feel the clothing had a little give and started to feel perfect. via

What carrier does PatPat use?

What Courier Do You Use? PatPat partners with major international shipping companies such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, Aramex And EMS. via

Who is the owner of PatPat?

Can (Ken) Gao - Founder & COO - PatPat | LinkedIn. via

Is PatPat reliable 2020?

PatPat has a consumer rating of 4.67 stars from 6,878 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with PatPat most frequently mention customer service, good quality and wrong size. PatPat ranks 2nd among Kids sites. via

Is PatPat and Shein the same?

It's easy to distinguish PatPat from Shein and Wish. While the two other brands offer stylish baby clothes too, they work in a different niche. Shein is a trendy brand that focuses more on fashionable pieces for young women. Unlike PatPat that likes to offers items at 90% off. via

How do I order from PatPat? (video)

What is PatPat app?

PatPat is a daily shopping app for moms, offering deals on trending baby, infant/toddler, kids and maternity items at up to 50-90% off, occasionally even free! Their great relationships with manufacturers allow them to offer exceptionally low prices that cannot be beat, with new events starting daily at 6am PST. via

Can you return to PatPat?

If you aren't satisfied with the size or quality of the items you receive, you may initiate a Return Request within 30 days from the date of the item's arrival. All return requests are subject to evaluation and our friendly Customer Service will be glad to guide you through it. via

Is PatPat in Canada?

Are you looking for some new online shopping merchants for baby clothing? Well, PatPat Canada ships to Canada, and the pricing is pretty decent, especially when you add a coupon code to help lower your receipt! It's is a great place to purchase Mommy & Me outfits as well. via

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