Who Is Lee Bear Minecraft


Why did Lee Bear leave Stampys lovely world?

He denied the allegations in a future statement he posted on his YouTube and Gyazo accounts in 25th May 2018. This caused him to leave the Lovely World series, as he did not want to destroy Stampy's reputation as a family-friendly YouTuber and his success. via

What was l for Lee in jail for?

Seoul High Court sentenced Lee to two and a half years in jail on charges including bribery and embezzlement - reducing the original term by half - but suspended the sentence for four years, meaning that he is unlikely to serve any more time in jail. via

When did Lee leave stampy?

The L for Lee charcter finally left the Lovely World on episode 339, around 50 episodes after the incident. via

Who was the bear that played with stampy?

Bye Bear is the 339th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World. In this video, Stampy and Lee Bear (in his final appearance) play mini-games in the Funland. via

Who is hit the target in real life?

His real name is Thomas Kennedy-Lyons and he lives in Dublin, Ireland. It was only when his hidden base was found that the truth about Hit The Target would be revealed. via

Are Iballisticsquid and Stampylongnose still friends?

Although Stampy has no plans for any new series with Squid considering his track is going on a different direction now, they will still remain friends. They still collaborate occasionally through some live-streams. via

Did Stampylonghead quit YouTube?

On 2nd December 2013, Garrett received an email from Google that outlined that he had breached YouTube community guidelines, and thus his channel had been terminated. via

Who is Lee Bear?

Lee Carson (born: October 2, 1999 (1999-10-02) [age 21]), better known online as L for Leeeeee x (or simply L for Lee, also known as Lee Bear), is a Scottish former gaming YouTuber who gained popularity by being apart of stampylonghead's channel. via

What happened to AshDubh?

The channel has since been taken over by a YouTuber by the name of Drewplays, who also posts gaming videos. In July 2020, the channel got deleted for unknown reasons. He also started to make videos documenting his life and how he grew to become AshDubh and why he quit. via

Who is William Beaver in real life?

William T. Beaver, a medical educator and researcher who helped establish a scientific basis for the use of painkilling drugs from aspirin to morphine and later chaired a federal panel on the medical use of marijuana, died of complications from covid-19 on Nov. via

Who is stampy cat married to?

Stampy married his partner Bethany (AKA Sqaishey Quack - who also makes videos on YouTube) in 2019. 5. Stampy and Bethany have three pets, their cat Ori, and two dogs called Alyx and Mei. via

How old is Stampylonghead?

Joseph Garrett via

Who is fizzy elephant?

Fizzy Elephant is a helper in Stampy's Lovely World. Although his presence in Stampy's Lovely World was foreshadowed in previous episodes, his first physical appearance was in the episode 393, which is also named "Fizzy Elephant" wherein he wanted to have a party. via

How old is Sqaishey duck?

Trivia. Sqaishey was born on November 18, 1996, and is currently 24 years old. via

Who is Stampys enemy?

Finball's enemy, Drago, and Stampy's biggest enemy, Hit The Target, have joined forces with one goal in mind. via

How do you get into Stampy's love garden?

There are no official requirements to get into the Love Garden, though the rule is that you cannot ask to be added. If you have something that you feel like you should share with Stampy Cat so you can possibly be in the Love Garden, some of the best options are Twitter, Facebook, or his email. via

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