Who Is Responsible For The Solution Backlog


Who facilitates backlog refinement in SAFe?

During Backlog Refinement (Grooming) the Scrum Master facilitates as the Product Owner and Scrum Team review the user stories at the top of the Product Backlog in order to prepare for the upcoming sprint. via

What is the role of a product manager in SAFe?

In SAFe, Product Managers are the managers of Product Owners and are responsible for external facing interactions and work. They speak to the customers, they define the requirements and scope of the products to be built, and they communicate this down to the Product Owners. via

What is a backlog in SAFe?

A backlog is a central holding place that consists of a list of prioritized items that are going to be implemented. These work items can be epics, features, user stories or tasks that are essential elements supporting the strategic plan which needs to be executed by an organization. via

What is the SAFe backlog model?

The scaled agile framework (SAFe) enables organizations to transform business needs into working software in a consistent, repeatable way, using lean principles. A program backlog is a ranked list of features required for delivery in a product release, (aka program increment or PI in SAFe jargon). via

How long should backlog refinement take?

There is no set time frame for a backlog refinement session. That said, it is not advised to spend excessive amounts of time on these sessions. The general consensus around the ideal length for a backlog grooming session is between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Efficiency is key with grooming sessions. via

Why is Backlog refinement important?

By refining the backlog, teams can close gaps in their understanding of the stories and become closely aligned on the work. The most effective teams have a shared understanding of the work to be done to solve the business problem at hand. To create a shared understanding, conversation must take place. via

What must be done to release on demand?

The Four Activities of Release on Demand

  • Release describes the practices necessary to deliver the solution to end users, all at once or incrementally.
  • Stabilize and operate describes the practices needed to make sure the solution is working well from a functional and non-functional perspective.
  • via

    Is product Owner and Product Manager same?

    The true difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager, though, is that Product Owner is a role within a Scrum team. Like Product Management consultant Melissa Perri said, “Product Owner is a role you play on a Scrum team. Product Manager is the job.” Product Managers can exist anywhere, anytime. via

    What is expected from product management SAFe?

    Product management has content authority for the program backlog. They are responsible for identifying customer needs, prioritizing features, guiding the work through the program kanban and developing the program vision and roadmap. via

    What goes in the backlog?

    A backlog is a list of tasks required to support a larger strategic plan. For example, a product development context contains a prioritized list of items that the team has agreed to work on next. Typical items on a product backlog include user stories, changes to existing functionality, and bug fixes. via

    WHAT IS backlog refinement?

    Product backlog refinement—sometimes called product backlog grooming in reference to keeping the backlog clean and orderly—is a meeting that is held near the end of one sprint to ensure the backlog is ready for the next sprint. via

    What does backlog mean in agile?

    In Agile development, a product backlog is a prioritized list of deliverables (such as new features) that should be implemented as part of a project or product development. It's a decision-making artifact that helps you estimate, refine, and prioritize everything you might sometime in the future want to complete. via

    What is Portfolio backlog?

    The Portfolio Backlog is the highest-level backlog in SAFe. It provides a holding area for upcoming business and enabler Epics intended to create and evolve a comprehensive set of Solutions. via

    What is the product backlog?

    A product backlog is a prioritized list of work for the development team that is derived from the roadmap and its requirements. The most important items are shown at the top of the product backlog so the team knows what to deliver first. via

    What are two different types of enabler stories?

    Broadly, there are four main types of enabler stories:

  • Exploration – often referred to as a 'spike'.
  • Architecture – design a suitable architecture that describes the components in a system and how they relate to each other.
  • Infrastructure – perform some work on the solution infrastructure.
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