Who Makes Ameristar Air Conditioners


Is Ameristar a good brand?

Ameristar is a relatively new company that provides heating and cooling systems. Their competitive price point and solid designs make Ameristar a good entry-level HVAC brand. via

Is Ameristar made by American Standard?

Today, American Standard® Heating and Air Conditioning', a leading provider of residential comfort solutions and remote services, introduces Ameristar ®, a new brand of ducted and ductless heating and cooling equipment, which replaces the former Ameristar line. via

Who owns Ameristar air conditioners?

Ameristar is a brand of residential heating and cooling products, including air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces. Ameristar is a brand of Ingersoll Rand, which is headquartered in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland and saw revenue of $14.2 billion in 2017. via

Is Ameristar part of Trane?

The Ameristar line of heating and cooling products is made by Ingersoll Rand which is part of the Trane and American Standard family. Multiple airflow designs convert easily to fit available space in the home. via

Is Ameristar made in China?

Ameristar furnaces are manufactured in New Jersey while their air conditioners and heat pumps are made in China. Consider Trane's XB80 furnace that was the staple of their furnace installation service for the last 15 years or so. via

What brand of compressor does Ameristar use?

Ameristar uses Copeland® Brand Compressors.

Copeland Compressors have been manufactured for over 100 years, and many HVAC brands have Copeland Compressors. Ameristar's M4AC4 is their 14-SEER Central A/C Outside Unit, available in 1-5 ton (12,000–60,000 BTU's) sizes. via

Is American Standard better than Goodman?

Both American Standard and Goodman air conditioners are durable. American Standard does offer a more efficient air conditioner on the high end than Goodman does, but Goodman's top-end air conditioner comes with a longer warranty on the compressor. via

What brand is Ameristar?

Ameristar is an economy line of three central air conditioners. Its ACs are built with many of the same components as three of the most affordable Trane and American Standard ACs. All three brands are produced by Ingersoll Rand. via

How old is my Ameristar air conditioner?

How can I tell the age of an Ameristar air conditioner or furnace from the serial number? Ameristar is an HVAC brand manufactured by Ingersoll Rand, and the first two numbers of the serial number are the year of manufacture. So the heat pump condenser data plate shown below indicates the unit is from 2018. via

What size air conditioner do I need?

As a rule of thumb, an air conditioner needs 20 Btu for each square foot of living space. But other considerations, such as the ceiling height and the size of your windows and doorways, might call for more cooling power. To measure your room, multiply the length by the width. via

Is Trane WeatherGuard worth it?

No. While the WeatherGuard top is an attractive addition to Trane outdoor units, it is also highly functional; protecting the unit from snow, leaves, acorns, pine needles, icing or other debris that could reduce efficiency, damage the equipment or shorten its life. via

How do you change Ameristar filter? (video)

How do I read my Ameristar serial number?

For Ameristar, you should look for right two numbers in the cluster of four numbers in the middle of the model number They are divisible by 6 or 12, and represent the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. via

Are Ameristar heat pumps good?

Ameristar is one of the best known brands for a cheap and reliable heat pump. It uses the best of Ingersoll Rand technology, benefiting from the same manufacturing standards as its more advanced brands like Trane and American Standard. via

Who makes Oxbox HVAC?

Oxbox is a new brand endorsed by Trane that offers options for customers seeking affordable HVAC. The Oxbox portfolio includes air conditioning units, heat pumps, air handlers, coils, packaged units and furnaces that will be sold through new distribution. via

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