Who Received The Chess Set For Christmas Quizlet


Who received the chess set for Christmas?

In Amy Tan's, Rules of the Game, Waverly's brother, Vincent, is the initial recipient of the chess set. via

How does Waverly's family get a chess set?

Waverly's family had attended an annual Christmas party. A few missionary ladies had put together a Santa bag of gifts donated by members of another church. Waverly's older brother, Vincent, had chosen the chess set out of the sack. This is how Waverly's family got the chess set. via

What does Waverly say in rules of the game?

She says in the story's first line, "I was six when my mother taught me the art of invisible strength." Her mother teaches her to hide what she wants and that the "strongest wind cannot be seen." As Waverly improves her chess skills, she is developing this invisible strength to challenge her mother, just as her mother via

Why does Waverly's mother tell her sons to throw away the chess set?

Why does Waverly's mother originally tell Vincent to throw the chess set away? She thinks the gift is too extravagant. She doesn't enjoy the outing because she's embarrassed by her mother's behavior. She had to skip a chess tournament in order to go shopping with her mother. via

Who is Lao Po in rules of the game?

His teachings form a transition between Waverly the Kind of Good Chess Player and Waverly the Thundering Engine of Chess Awesomeness. He's a teacher in the classic sense, moving Waverly from halting, uncertain kid to Life magazine headlining superstar. via

How does Waverly see her mother differently?

their personality differ. the mother is old fashioned, which means she is strict, full of pride and doesn't know much about the new generation. however waverly is the opposite, she doesn't care about pride, and thinks like the new generation. this makes their thoughts crash and they become opponents. via

Why does Waverly hate her mother?

Waverly resents her mother's outlook on life and desires autonomy and independence. Waverly wishes to embrace her individual success and distance herself from her mother. As she continues to win tournaments and gain recognition as a chess prodigy, her mother makes her visit the local shops with her on Saturdays. via

Who is Waverly's final opponent?

Who is Waverly's final opponent? Waverly imagines her mother as her final opponent. On page 100, she describes her opponent as having “dark slits” for eyes, a description that is similar to the “black slits” she used to describe her mother's eyes during the confrontation in the market (p. 99). via

Why does Waverly become angry with her mother?

Why does Waverly become angry with her mother at the market? Waverly got mad at her mom because she was telling everyone that she was her daughter. Waverly thought she was showing he off. via

What kind of winning strategy did Waverly learn to follow?

Waverly Jong, the narrator of this section, explains that she was six years old when her mother taught her "the art of invisible strength," a strategy for winning arguments and gaining respect from others in games. via

Why did Waverly quit chess?

To retaliate against her mother for bragging about Waverly's outstanding chess playing, Waverly decided to quit the game. via

What does chess symbolize in rules of the Game?

In "Rules of the Game," by Amy Tan, the game of chess symbolizes "the art of invisible strength" (paragraph 1) necessary to play the game of life. The concept of invisible strength aids Waverly when she learns skills necessary to succeed both in chess and in life. First of all, rules are integral to playing chess. via

Why does Waverly find it difficult to concentrate at home?

Q. Why is it difficult for Waverly to concentrate at home? Her mother stands behind her breathing loudly. Her brothers make too much noise. via

Why does Waverly's mother give advice to her children?

Waverly's mother advice about finding out "why" important things are done is to help Waverly learn and be educated in life. For example,"They say, Don't know why, you find out yourself. But they knowing all the time. Better you take it, find out why yourself." via

How does Waverly's mother react to the chess set?

When Waverly and her family return home, Waverly's mother tells Vincent to throw the used chess set away. She feels insulted to receive a used item as a gift and does not want something that someone else chose to get rid of by donating it to the church. via

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