Who Was The Girl That Sang All Aboard The Choo Choo Train


Who was the singer on Choo Choo Soul?

Choo Choo Soul via

What show was all aboard the choo choo train?

"Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train" is a song by Sheriff Callie from the episode "Train Bandits" from Sheriff Callie's Wild West. via

When did all aboard the choo choo train come out?

The first episodes of "Choo Choo Soul" aired on the "Playhouse Disney" program in 2006. "Now we're on Disney Junior, which is a network unto its own for the little ones," Goings said. "It's been amazing that I have had the opportunity to be the conductor after all these years." via

How many Chuggas are there?

But despite the large response, a consensus or a definitive answer has yet to be found: Many of the respondents said eight, some said four and the mom who posted the question remained steadfast in her belief that it is two. via

Who sang the All aboard the choo choo train?

Paramount Hudson Valley, Neighbor. Choo Choo Soul is a children's entertainment act composed of singer Genevieve Goings as a hip-hop train conductor and her partner, Constantine "DC" Abramson, a dancer and beatboxer dressed as a railroad engineer. via

What is Genevieve Goings doing now?

Genevieve Goings continues to write and record songs for the Disney Junior Network, including Holiday songs and Nursery Rhymes. via

What noise does a choo choo train make?

How does a choo-choo train sound? Because traditional locomotives make a chirping sound when they whistle. Don't whistle, operate the pistons when they release steam. via

Is Choo Choo Soul a show?

Choo Choo Soul (TV Series 2006– ) - IMDb. via

When did Choo Choo Soul start?

Choo-Choo Soul via

Where can I watch Choo Choo Soul?

Watch Choo Choo Soul TV Show | Disney Junior on DisneyNOW. via

What is all aboard means?

The adverb aboard means on board, as in on a ship, train or plane. The phrase "All aboard!" is said as a warning before departure, especially before a ship or train leaves. It means, in essence: haul your keister up here quick or you'll be left behind! via

How many Chuggas do you say before Choo Choo?

Eight chuggas—with alternating emphasis—before any “choo choo.” via

How many Chuggas come before Choochoo?

Of course, there is also the book "Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo" which gives two "chuggas" before the "choo." Investigative journalism at its finest. via

How many chugga chugga is before a choo choo?

The post garnered more than 30,000 reactions, with answers all over the board. Some claimed as many as eight or 12 "chuggas" were appropriate before saying "choo choo". However, if you're going to go by the book written on the topic, it's two "chuggas" before a "choo choo". via

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