Who Won Season 3 Of Skin Wars


Who won season 4 of skin wars?

I've been getting a lot of love." Uribe, now 21, was the youngest of the 12 artists selected from hundreds of people from around the world. He is a tattoo artist, body painter and muralist who works at Inklination Tattoos, 5640 Montana Ave. via

What happened to Rick from skin Wars Season 3?

Original member from the crew, Rick Uribe, also known as Enks, held his final goodbye to El Paso in his solo exhibition “No Pasa Nada” at Power at the Pass on Dec. Juarez/El Paso and a tattoo artist at Inklination Tattoo shop. Enks was a Skin Wars Season 3 winner, a body-painting reality show competition. via

Who were the final 3 on skin Wars season 2?

Avi took the name of having the most main-challenge wins, with a total of 4 wins by the end of the season. The winner of the second season was Lana Chromium, and the final runner-up was Avi Ram. via

Will there be season 4 of skin wars?

Meanwhile, the body painting competition series Skin Wars has effectively been cancelled by GSN, so there will not be a season four. This may not be a surprise, considering the last season aired two years ago. via

Where is Lana from skin wars now?

She based in San Diego, CA, paints in Los Angeles and available for travel. via

Where are skin Wars winners now?

Winner of GSN's season one of “Skin Wars” Natalie is recently finished her across the country road trip body art project “100 Bodies Across America“. She is currently working on the book of the project that ended up with 102 paintings of people and places all over the states. via

Did Netflix remove skin wars?

Skin Wars: Fresh Paint

RuPaul's Drag Race sadly isn't streaming on Netflix in the United States which is what he's most commonly known for. Before then, one of his earlier shows which often gets overlooked is a Skin Wars: Fresh Paint which was canned after a single season. via

Did Avi from skin wars go to Israel?

He served in the Israeli army for 3 years. In 2008 Avi move to the USA to achieve his dream as an artist and help his family financially . In the the last 7 years the only chance Avi got to go to Israel was in 2011 for 2 weeks. Since then Avi has been working so hard so he can help his family financially. via

Who wins skin wars season1?

Skin Wars - Season 1 via

Does the runner up on skin wars win anything?

'Skin Wars' contestant. What does the runner-up on "Skin Wars" get? "I get nothing," Orlando artist Shannon Holt said Thursday with a laugh. "There's no prize for second place." via

What did Shannon say to Mythica?

Natalie lost her touch slightly, so she needs to regain that confidence. Shannon: The way she said to Mythica "No offense, Mythica, you're losing 30 minutes," not only upset Mythica, it also appalled me. via

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