Why Is Antigone Determined To Bury Her Brother

Antigone was so determined to bury her brother because of three main reasons. First, the law of the gods demanded that the dead would be buried or properly burned for them to go well into the underworld. After disagreeing with Ismene, Antigone notes that her sister does not appreciate the law of the gods. via

Why is Antigone right for burying her brother?

Antigone: Worthy of Being Admirable

Creon having this mental feeling of power says that if anyone buries Polyneices they shall be put to death which basically is directly against the Gods laws. Antigone's strong loyalty to the Gods and compassion led her to bury her brother. via

Is it wrong for Antigone to bury her brother?

She warns Antigone that trying to give their brother a proper burial would surely lead to her death and declares that she wants nothing to do with the whole idea. Creon also declared that Polyneices would not receive a proper burial because he committed treason against his own city. Creon punishes Antigone to death. via

Is Polyneices Antigone's brother?

Polyneices is the brother of Antigone, Ismene and Eteocles. His name means 'many troubles', and he's generally remembered as 'the bad brother', because he attacked Thebes with a foreign army. via

Why is Polyneices buried twice?

Essentially, Polynices buries her brother a second time because she is determined to fulfill the dictates of her conscience and to maintain her allegiance to the laws of the gods. For her loyalty to her brother and to her conscience, Antigone is eventually sentenced to be immured in a cave. via

What is Creon's greatest fear?

Creon's greatest fear is: War. Angering the gods. via

Why does Antigone not allow Ismene to join her in her death sentence?

Antigone does not want her sister laying claim to an act that was solely hers for two reasons: one, because she wants her sister to remain alive, and two, because she wants her sister to feel the shame of abandoning her principles for the sake of staying alive and being subservient to men. via

What is the initial punishment for burying Polyneices?

When Creon came to power, he decreed that since Polyneices was technically a traitor for fighting against Thebes, his body should rot in the street without a proper burial. If anyone was to bury the body, the punishment would be death. via

Why does Oedipus choose to blind himself?

Oedipus acknowledges that his hubris has left him blind to the truth and is too ashamed of himself to witness the citizens' reactions. Overall, Oedipus chooses stab out his eyes as a way of punishing himself for his hubris and ignorance. via

Why did Oedipus curse his sons?

In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus is cursed because of his father's bad behavior. Although his father, Laius, was saved as a child by Pelops, the king of Pisa, Laius was ungrateful and abducted the king's son. When that son died as Laius's captive, Laius was cursed, as were his descendants. via

Who does Creon blame for his son's death?

As is the nature of tragedy, the tragic hero Creon blames himself for causing the deaths of his son, wife, and niece. He says to the Chorus Leader: Lead me away, I pray you; a rash, foolish man; who have slain thee, ah my son, unwittingly, and thee, too, my wife-unhappy that I am! via

What did Antigone do to bury Polyneices?

Antigone's uncle, Creon, declares that Eteocles will be buried with honor, but that Polyneices' body will be left for the dogs. Despite her uncle's decree, Antigone buries Polyneices and is sentenced by Creon to be buried alive. via

Does Antigone succeed in burying Polyneices?

Since Creon does, in fact, order that Polynices's corpse be buried, Antigone succeeds in the goal of accomplishing her duty as a sister in obtaining the proper burial of her brother's corpse. via

Should Polyneices be buried?

While it is true that Polyneices was a betrayer who went to war with his own country, it does not necessarily follow that he does not deserve to be buried. Even though Creon is a king of Thebes, he has no right to deny Polyneices' burial because it is up to God to decide the rest of Polyneices' way. via

What prophecy does Tiresias reveal?

Tiresias tells him that his refusal to bury Polynices and his punishment of Antigone for the burial will bring the curses of the gods down on Thebes. Hearing this, Creon curses Tiresias, calling him a false prophet who traffics in poor advice and rhetoric. via

Who feared Creon and his law?

Name that god. Why did the messenger fear telling Creon about the burial of Polyneices? He feared Creon and how Creon might punish him with death. via

Who does Antigone partly blame for her death?

According to Antigone, why is Oedipus partly to blame for her death? He brought about a family curse that doomed her. via

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