Will Air Wick Refills Fit Wallflowers


Can you use Glade refills in wallflower?

No, you should only use the Bath and Body Works refills (other brands will not fit properly or could affect the functionality of the air freshener). via

What can you refill Wallflowers with?

Simply reuse a fragrance bulb, essential oils (I used orange and clove found at a nutrition store) and water. Pull wick and plastic stopper out with pliers. Fill 1/3 full with oils and 2/3 with water. Re-insert wick. via

Do any other plug ins work with Bath and Body Works?

You have to use the bath and body holders. The holder has wallflowers in it. There are no threads on the air wick plug. Plugs from Bath and Body Works don't work well. via

What plugins does Bath and Body Works use?

Wallflowers Fragrance Air Freshener Plug In – Bath & Body Works. via

Can Bath and Body Works Wallflowers fit in Air Wick?

No, you must use the bath & body holders. The wallflowers screw into the holder. The air wick plug does not have any threads. 3 of 3 found this helpful. via

How long does wallflower refills last?

How long Wallflowers refills last? These amazing babes last up to 30 days. via

Are Wallflowers worth it?

The Wallflowers are perfect for those of us who like a good-smelling room. I recommend putting this in a smaller area because the scent will not be as strong. I'm pretty pleased with my $32 purchase; I think it will last me most of the year. Well, it'll last until the next big sale I hope! via

What can I do with old Wallflowers?

Cut the plant back to its woody base in late winter to early spring with hand pruners. Remove cuttings to a compost pile. Deadhead the tall blooms as they fade, cutting off the flower spike to a few leaves past where the green foliage starts. via

Is it safe to refill Wallflowers?

You Can Refill Your Empty Plug-In Air Fresheners!

Don't be wasteful, just refill your old and empty plug-in air fresheners! via

Do Yankee Candle scent plugs work with Bath and Body Works?

Do Scent Fill refills work With Yankee Candle® Makers of Scent Plug® or Bath & Body Works® WallFlowers®? No, our refill bottles do not fit the Wallflowers® or Scent Plugs®. via

Which plug-ins last the longest?

Best Long-Lasting Plug-In Air Freshener

Our pick for a long-lasting option is the Air Wick plug-in scented oil starter kit. These air fresheners last for up to 45 days per refill, meaning this kit gives you up to 270 days! This is on the low setting. via

Can you return empty wallflowers to Bath and Body Works?

It's free to exchange broken Wallflower plug-ins for new ones. I had my Wallflower plug-ins for about four years before they stopped diffusing the oil. Then I found out I can bring my burned-out Wallflower plug back to the store and exchange it for a new one anytime for free. via

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers toxic to humans?

Inhalation No specific symptoms known. Ingestion May cause sensitization or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. May cause irritation. Skin contact May cause skin sensitization or allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. via

Why do Wallflowers stop smelling?

Wallflowers store scented oil in a bulb-shaped reservoir. When the Wallflower is plugged into an electrical outlet, the oil warms and the scent is released through the flower-like top of this air freshener. Wallflowers provide continuous fragrance as long as the oil lasts, but once the oil dries up, the scent stops. via

Are Bath and Body Works Wallflowers?

About Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works

Plug in a Bath & Body Works Wallflower air freshener, of course! From fresh to floral, woodsy to fruity, there's a scented plug-in for every mood. via

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